Lingerie for the Ladies! (And Maybe The Men Sometimes, Too)

The word lingerie packs a powerful punch. At its mention our minds are taken into a whirlwind of lace and passion and hair blowing in the wind.  There’s such a big taboo clinging to lingerie, realistically speaking: lingerie is sex. If you walk into Victoria’s Secret and ask for your size the salesperson is bound to ask what the special occasion is. Anniversary? First time with your new BF? Plan on seducing a hottie into a one-night stand tonight?

But why does it always have to be about the men? It was made for women to wear, you know, and there’s no label on the tag that says “For sexual encounters only.” So why do us girls feel like the only time we should wear it or purchase it is when we have a sexual prospect in the near future, only to wrap it up and hide it in the bottom drawer until the next opportunity arises?

Is there a problem with wearing it for your guy? Of course not! I’m all for spicing up the bedroom; add some heels and a whip if that’s what your into. But why can’t we also wear it for ourselves? I think us girls deserve to feel beautiful, we deserve to feel comfortable, and once in a while why not throw on a slinky satin baby doll instead of your brother’s old sweatshirt and some bleach stained shorts? (Although I think I’ll always return to that as my default. There’s just something about a worn-in, holey sweatshirt).

Perhaps if you’re dorming with a roommate you should hold off on your proclamation of femininity in the bedroom (it could be weird to come home to someone lounging around in a lacy thong), but if you’re lucky enough to have a single room, go out and buy yourself some cute, flirty nightwear. You might be surprised at how refreshing it is.

Don’t know where or what to buy? Here are a few of our favorite sites: Sure, some of the stuff on this site is a wee bit sexified for lounging around your room (not sure your nips need to be exposed while you’re watching TV), but that’s only the beginning of this awesome online lingerie emporium. They have tons of really cute, really girly pieces that will let you feel sexy without feeling boom boom sexy time. This is by far the best place to pop your lingerie cherry due to its selection, prices and high quality products.

Forever 21: You go here for the latest in trendy tops and dresses, but did you know they also carry super cute lingerie? This stuff is beautiful, classy, and sure to make feel good when you’re dancing around your room. This site has a huge selection of stuff. It’s a bit pricier than some other places, but it does offer plus size options for those of us with a little extra junk in our trunk. Because we deserve to feel super fabulous, too.

Livin’ It Up Even After Labor Day
Livin’ It Up Even After Labor Day
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