Dust Off Those Manolos – It’s Fashion Week!

Fashion Week is here.
Fashion Week is here!!

I’ll admit it: I may be one of the only people who looks forward to fashion week more than Welcome Week (yeah I said it). But you know that when you come out of your week long drunken haze and find yourself bored in class (after all, one can only stare at her econ professor for so long wondering how this man who can barely speak a word of English is allowed to teach economics at a major university), you will need to preoccupy that boring classtime with other thoughts.

And what better thoughts than that of Spring 2010? After all, it’s never too early to think about Spring Break – especially when an adorbs Marc Jacobs sundress mini is involved, right? Of course, right. Now that’s a language we can all understand.

But instead of going into who brought what to the runway (we will save that for another painstakingly awful class day), I thought what better way to prepare for fashion week than to familiarize ourselves with the familiar? By now, fashion week has become a semi-annual ritual. Much like you know that you will wake up hung-over the morning of Thanksgiving, or the same routine you partake in year after year that makes you somehow totally forget your sorority formal – so too are the rituals for Fashion Week. The same season after season.

After season.

And just like the glorious return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte, it’s all those great familiar things we know we can expect to see that make us squeal with Fashion Week delight:

– Anna Wintor clad in a scowl, overly large sunglasses, and a giant helmet of hair.
– “Celebs” (read: Bravo reality stars/Lindsay Lohan) who so badly want to be celebs that they make their way to every fashion show. Only so they can be photographed by the paps.
– Models who really, really need to eat cookies… and make you not want to eat. Ever again.
– Week long heated oh-my-god-do-these-women-EVER-not-talk-over-one-another-get-me-some-Advil debate of said skinny models on The View.
– Rachel Zoe’s ribs sticking out of her fur vest as she says sips on her venti green tea, and exclaims “I Die” over the hottest run-way looks, telling the press that DVF show is BA-NANAS.
– Lots of really weird/ugly “clothes” coming down the runway that everyone claims they love but you secretly have no idea what is going on and what that designer was thinking. But you’ll be wearing something similar to it in six months.

Just thinking about it all makes me weak in the knees. Good thing I’m not wearing the 6-inch stilettos those models have to strut in.

Come to me, Fashion Week.  You have been missed!

Let It Rock: They’re Back!
Let It Rock: They’re Back!
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