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bright tightsMy aversion to pants puts a strain on my wardrobe when the autumn weather rolls into town. But this season’s addiction to brightly colored tights has come to my rescue. Taking my fashion cue from Blair Waldorf and the rest of the Gossip Girl cast, bright, opaque tights are the remedy for the end-of-summer blues.

I plan on having candy-colored legs every day of the week this fall. And for my one-stop tights-shopping extravaganza, I’ll be buying out the entire stock at WeLoveColors.com.

Bright tights are a great way to set yourself apart in a crowd and pulling off these adventurous ensembles is easier than you think. Whether it’s bright pink tights underneath your Little Black Dress or patterned tights with a pair of your favorite boots (many of the tights come without the annoying feet, so you don’t have to be yanking at the tights all day!), WeLoveColors has what you’re looking for. The only thing left for me to do is figure out how best to incorporate zebra print tights into my daily life.

Who doesn’t love a little color to spice up an outfit? Now you can be warm, trendy and show a little leg while you’re at it as you rock bright tights this fall. If you’re not ready to push all your favorite dresses to the back of your closet, I would check out WeLoveColors.com for outfit inspiration.

Dust Off Those Manolos – It’s Fashion Week!
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