Dollar Pitchers No More

That pitcher costs more than my tuition!

I am thoroughly pissed off. And you should be too.

It’s been announced that the price of beer is on the rise this fall due to the fact that sales are down and the cost of making it is up.

Now, I don’t know who is cutting back on their beer intake (how else are you supposed to cope with the declining economy and increasing joblessness?), but it sure as hell isn’t us college students.

Shotguns, kegstands, pong tournaments… we’re keeping the beer industry afloat and they want to make us pay more?!

While our loans are being cut and our financial aid is being taken away we have stuck by our beer, true and loyal customers, purchasing it in large amounts and inviting it to all of our events. Even study sesions. And this is how we are repaid for our loyalty?

I’ll tell you one thing: I’d rather re-wear socks a couple days in a row (or give them up completely and solely wear my Uggs) and save money in the laundry room than give up my beerfest on the weekends (okay, maybe on some weekdays too). But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a royal smack in the face. Beer companies should just print a large middle finger on all of their new price tags, as they rake in even more of our nonexistent dough.

Looks like us college students will be taking yet another step down from our kegs of Miller Light, as we are forced to choke back Natty Ice. What’s next? Canned urine Milwaukee’s Best?!

Perhaps one good thing could arise from this crock-of-crap decision by the beer manufacturers – some more hard alcohol at parties, perhaps? Jungle juice does get the job done quicker, and doesn’t leave you feeling like you just ate eight helpings at Thanksgiving dinner.

And who knows? It might be a better deal now, too.

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