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The College Girl’s Guide to Football Saturday

"I shouldn't have eaten that 2nd hot dog..."

It’s College Game Day. Do you know what that means?

For most college guys out there, it means it’s the best day of the week and college football has arrived! It means tailgating, day drinking, cheerleaders, phenomenal food, and most importantly: field goals, sacks, tackles, and touchdowns.

There are a lot of girls who wake up on Game Day just as excited as the boys for the glory that is college football. These football girls know their team, their key players, their opponents, their weaknesses, and also, most likely, who the hottest players are.

Not one of these girls? Well, you can be. Football fanatic or not, here’s some tips every college girl should know to be prepared for game day.

Wear your team colors: The cardinal rule to football fans everywhere and the first step to supporting your team! Want be a football fashionista? Don’t pick up a cutsie pink version of your college t-shirt; rock your school colors in style. Most school stores carry stickers/face paint of your college letters and now even Victoria’s Secret has a whole college line!

ESPN is like Perez Hilton, But Cooler: Seriously, ESPN online is the home of college football. It’s complete with player bios, schedules, rankings, blogs, videos, and pictures (of all those hot wide receivers). You’ll always know the latest news about your team and impress the boys with your football smarts and stats. Plus, ESPN online has a college football blog that’s awesome (not as addicting and fabulous as CollegeCandy, of course, but close)!

Tailgate, tailgate, tailgate: Game day isn’t the same without traditional tailgate food like burgers, chips and guac (yum!), pre-game radio, and booze. Just a warning: pace yourself wisely. You want to be able to actually watch the game (unlike that one time I passed out before kickoff…).

Scream, Yell, or Yodle but Please Don’t Cheer: There is a cheerleading team for a reason, and unless you’re on it, don’t scream out cutesy rhyming cheers. Yelling at the refs for bad calls? Go for it. Yelling for your team to pick it up? Acceptable. High-fiving and screaming after a 75-yard run for a touchdown. Obviously. But rah-rahing to be aggressive, be be aggressive? No thanks.

Bring The Tailgate Into the Stadium: One of the perks about being a female while entering a college stadium? Security can’t pat down near your goods. Yes, they can check your purse to see if you tried to bring in the booze, but they can’t check a flask taped to your upper thigh or your binoculars, and definitely not your bra. Just sayin…

Wear Sunscreen: All that booze school spirit sometimes makes you forget that you’re spending a good 6 hours in the sun. Slather on the SPF before you leave the house so you don’t end up rocking raccoon eyes for the rest of the week.

If Everyone Else is Cheering…Cheer! Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the rules of football and that’s OK. Just pay attention, cheer when everyone else cheers and eventually you’ll figure it all out. Oh and if you’re little, be prepared to be tossed in the air.

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