Makeup 101: Great Lashes, No Prescription

So by now you’ve probably seen the commercials for Latisse, the eyelash enhancing prescription that makes your lashes fuller and longer.  While amazing lashes would be wonderful, the side effects are… umm…scary.  Darkened eyelids and pupils? Potential hair growth wherever this stuff touches?  Yeah, ruining your face is definitely worth some longer, fuller lashes.



And this stuff doesn’t have a long term effect; you have to keep using it to keep your lashes looking good. The pros simply do not outweigh the cons for Latisse.

Luckily there are other things you can do and use to make your lashes looking beautiful that won’t permanently ruin your face. Things like, duh, mascara, false lashes, lash curlers, lash primers, and eyeliner tricks.

The first and easiest option is to curl your lashes using a clamp eyelash curler, like this one from Tarte. (Wait a second, isn’t Tarte on sale through CollegeCandy right now?? Score!) Clamp your lashes down at the base, hold for 3 seconds, repeat in the middle, and then the ends.  It also helps to heat up the curler first for a few seconds with a hairdryer, but do not do this every day, as you will damage your lashes with excessive heat.  It can be helpful to curl your lashes before applying mascara, then clamp once after to add a little extra oomph.

Another fabulous lash tip?  Pick a mascara that is designed to lengthen or add volume.  To find the perfect one for you, try the Sephora Favorite Deluxe Sampler.  It includes about 10 mascaras from all different companies so you can find which one does the most for your particular lash problem.  This whole sampler set is only $39, which is a steal considering how expensive mascara is!  A great mascara that’s included in this collection is Two Faced’s Lip Injection Mascara that builds tubes around your lashes, therefore lengthening them without the damage of Latisse!  Also, applying a black liquid liner dotted along your top lash line will give the appearance of longer lashes.

Another option is to try fake lashes. If you’re new to the fake lash scene try Sephora Brand’s false lash set for only $8.  It comes with full lashes and smaller pieces, along with adhesive.  Just apply the adhesive and let it sit for about a minute. Then apply the lashes beginning in the center and working your way out.  Or try Makeup Forever’s lashes which come in more styles and colors than you can imagine.  Some are thick, others are thin and natural, some are thicker on the outsides, and some are funky colors.  Once you know what you are doing with fake lashes and what looks best on you, these are a great investment.

Anything is better than risking your health for beauty, ladies!

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