Budget Stylista: Bootie-ful Booties

You know how girls always go up to you in that high pitched voice and are all, “Ahh! Oh-my-god I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE those! Where on PLANET EARTH are they from?” (And you know they are thinkin, “OMG, that girl is SO cool. I totes have to be her bffaeaeae and copy everything she does and then steal her boyfriend.”)

If the aforementioned scenario doesn’t happen to you, it’s because YOU my friend, aren’t wearing booties. Much like me without coffee, many times an outfit is not yet complete or adorable without a bootie.

I know, I know – I’m putting a whole lot of importance on the must-haveness of a bootie when there are more important things to be talking about right now. Like fashion week. Um I mean, health care. But the bootie is an evening essential. Why? Because booties are cute, and a lesson we all must learn at some point or another is that sometimes cute things in life are essential. Why? Because I said so.

Seriously, though; pair them with skinny jeans you can bunch at the ankle, a skirt or dress worn with thick opaque tights, or leggings (gentle reminder once again – LONG TOP!). They make everything look instantly cooler, which is good for all you jeans-and-a-black-top girls out there.

I’ve done the research and scoured the internet for you. Well, I was scouring the internet for me, but I’ll share my bootie loot with you too. And let me tell you, my findings are cute and cheap. And by that I mean cute enough for any night out and cheap enough that if someone spills beer or throws up on them, life will go on.

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The Five Questions We Ask Everyone: Student Fashion Designer, Su Beyazit
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