The CC Weekly Weigh In: The Downsides of College

I do not miss the anti-fun police.

I’m heading back to my old college this weekend to reunite with friends. And by friends I mean 9am kegstands and a drunken stumble to the football stadium. And as I pack my suitcase full of college t-shirts, flip flops and my cell-phone flask, I’m really starting to miss my college life.

Wait. Who am I kidding? I always miss college life. Every. single. day.

It’s just that knowing I’ll be traipsing through my old stomping ground tomorrow has me extra nostalgic. I’ve spent the past 3 days looking at old photo albums (those are those books that existed before Facebook allowed you to create albums online), drinking to increase my tolerance to college proportions, and crying myself to sleep at 10pm since I have to wake up at 6am to go to work.

After drowning my sorrows in 3 shots of tequila last night, my friends yelled at me to snap out of it. “You’re out of college, woman. GET OVER IT.” But how? How am I supposed to move on from the best 4.5 years of my life (of which, I an only really remember 2.25)? By focusing on all the downsides, of course!

College was the, but it wasn’t perfect. There were plenty of things wrong with it, so this week I asked the CollegeCandy writers to remind me share their biggest college pet peeves. Note: I still wanna go back.

Ricki – Univerisity of Michigan: When frat guys pour cheap vodka in Grey Goose bottles and try to pass it off as the real thing.  Boys, we can tell. We’re not that drunk!

Laura – St. John’s : While living down the hall/just across campus from all your friends can be a blast, it definitely sucks when you’re trying to avoid someone (i.e. the BFF you’re fighting with or that guy you hooked up with while you were drunk).  You have nowhere to hide!

Sara C – Fordham: ResLife. Ever notice how the on-campus housing staff want to make it seem like you live in a jail cell, not a home-away-from-home? Thankfully, I live off-campus now, but condescending RAs are THE most annoying thing about college.

Thu – USC: How people have been accepted to a good university and yet still insist on stealing bikes and other property. I don’t get it. Some people just have no integrity.

Kayla – California State University, Sacramento: It’s so annoying to realize that my peers still haven’t grown up. If you still giggle at the word “breast” in an upper-division Human Sexuality course, you need to mature some more.

Elizabeth – UC Berkeley: How when one person gets sick, everybody gets sick.  We live in way too close of quarters…

Melanie – Northeastern University: I thought people left their uniforms at Catholic School. Apparently not… black spandex, college sweatshirt, UGG boots and big sunglasses. No. Thanks.

Zahra – Northwestern University: I hate how sometimes social life mimics some dramatic show about high school – people make huge deals out of tiny things that usually won’t matter in a week!

Nina – Michigan State University: People’s perspectives of college. I hate when people assume that because I’m in college I must be all about getting wasted and tailgating at the crack of dawn. College isn’t just an endless orgy of alchy and doing the no-pants dance. Sometime between my last shot and my 3am Taco Bell run, I actually go to my classes. And besides, I refuse to start tailgating until at least 9am (beauty sleep, anyone!?).

Katie – Michigan State University: I hate how you can never run into your best friend in four years of being on campus, but you’ll always see that awkward hook-up or the guy that broke your heart… in your classes/living in your dorm.

Charlsie – Hollins University: When I’m taking a shower and someone comes in the bathroom and drops a nasty smelling sh*t. 1) Just because the water is running doesn’t mean I can’t hear what’s going on and 2) I think the smell is worse with the shower going.

Leah – Ryerson University: Those people that are already super pretentious and feel the need to rant on about subjects they know nothing about.  I hope the real world knocks them down a peg.

Carly – Grinnell: I hate how the students are so reluctant to mix with the townies in a really small area. Hello, you occupy the same space! Don’t be afraid to mingle.

Elizabeth – University of Missouri: Dining halls close at 7:30 pm! Seriously, is it a crime to crave overprocessed mush at 8 pm?

Lauren H – The New School: For some reason it seems like people go off to college and forget how to shower and brush their hair. I mean, we all have mornings where we don’t have time, but there’s no way you’re that busy for four or five days straight. It’s hygiene!

Anna – Northeastern University: People who get so stressed out about how many friends someone can bring to a party. I can’t tell you how many times a group has split up so we can get in. If you’re going to let that number of people in anyways, who cares if they’re all together? If you’re worried about it getting crowded, don’t have a bash!

Dannia – Loyola University, Chicago: That you always have to be living in fear that campus security is going to bust up your parties. Even if you’re all 21, they will find a way.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: I hate taking the bus up to campus. How many times am I going to be hit on by creepy homeless men??!?!

Kim – Stanford: The one thing I hate most about college is that it eventually will end. Depression to follow.

What’s your biggest college peeve?
Mine: the fact that I’m not there anymore. FML.

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