Want To Design For Ralph Lauren?

Okay girls, brace yourselves. If I told you that you could design your own clothes, try them on and buy them, all while taking notes in class, would you believe me?

Well I’m pinching you and it’s still true.

Thanks to Ralph Lauren and his preppy-meets-chic Rugby line, you can now download an application to your phone that allows you to design your own clothing, try it on by uploading a picture of yourself, and then order it. You can also design your own stuff right on the website, for all you students “taking notes” during class (Yea right…).

You have a huge selection of pieces from sweaters and jackets to t-shirts and dresses (a totally adorable hooded, polo dress might I add!) to choose from and you can completely customize it all with patches, embroidery, numbers and your name.

But your design doesn’t end there. It’s then posted on the website in the “Make Your Own Gallery” for everyone else to see (and to buy if they like it enough!), and you can share it through Facebook and email so all your friends to check out! No joke, people could be walking around in something you designed.

Seriously, is this not a fashionista’s dream come true? Create, share and buy your own designs at the click of a button? Now I not only have the ability to make the clothes that I want to wear, I also have something to keep me awake during calculus.

Thank you, Ralph. Thank you very, very much.

Budget Stylista: Bootie-ful Booties
Budget Stylista: Bootie-ful Booties
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