Weekly Wrap Up: Let The Classes Begin

It’s been a big week—since classes started on Tuesday, I’ve freaked out about my upcoming thesis proposal approximately 3,849 times, eaten tons of free food at our Activities Fair, and seen Rihanna in the flesh (there are perks to going to college in New York City).

My fellow CCers have been busy too, doing everything from getting pumped for Fashion Week to preparing for football season to pruning their Facebook friends list—hey, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We’ve been occupying ourselves by debating whether guys and girls can live together in harmony, and whether it’s a good idea to be in a serious relationship in college, despite the fact that men are stupid. And if they’re not dumb, there’s probably something else wrong with them.

At least we’ll always have these guys to dream about. And hey, since college is a time for experimentation, maybe we should just throw caution to the wind and ditch monogamy altogether: the more the merrier, right? Unless that sexually freewheeling attitude means that you consider buying this for your little niece or cousin. That will never be okay.

The TFLN TV Show? Really, Hollywood?
The TFLN TV Show? Really, Hollywood?
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