I’m Torn: At-Home Beauty Treatments

There are very few girls out there who don’t like to feel pampered occasionally. Whether it’s getting highlights at a fancy salon or doing an at-home pedicure, we all deserve a chance to feel beautiful. What I’m unsure about is whether to choose the DIY route for my facial/hair treatment/manicure or leave it to the professionals.

Help, I’m torn!

Love it: It’s rainy days like today that all I want is a good DIY pedicure. Why would I venture out of the apartment into inclement weather just to pay someone $20 to paint my toes? I have all of the tools (nail polish, lotion, exfoliant and a nail file), so why not do it myself? Plus, while I’m at it, I could scour the Internet for some other great DIY treatments, like this brown sugar scrub to soothe my skin. Between my fridge and pantry, I probably have all of the necessary ingredients. Plus, with the money I save, I can buy a new pair of shoes!

Loathe it: I’ve had my share of DIY beauty flops, mostly involving hair dye. (Including splashes, splatters and squirts of the stuff that are still stained on my walls and ceiling.) And you know what, after I screw up at home, I wind up having to go to the salon anyway just to fix the damage. If you’re going to have to pay for professional beauty treatments anyway, why not start out in the salon and not risk permanent damage to hair/skin/nails?

And when it comes to creating your own face masks/shampoos/etc, why the heck would you EVER want to rub a raw egg anywhere on your body? Or mayo. Just the thought of squeezing that burger topping in my hair makes me want to vomit. As does the thought of having to clean everything up when I’m done. That’s not relaxing. That’s not being pampered. And now that most salons are offering natural-based treatments, I don’t have to scramble an omelet on my face to avoid all those harsh chemicals.

But I do have to pay….

So, I’m really not sure.
What do you think?
Are you a fan of at-home treatments, or do you think your beauty needs are best left to a professional?

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