In Defense of Kanye…Yea, You Heard Me Right

We got your back, Kanye. Even with that stupid haircut.

Okay, before you jump down my throat for defending Kanye’s outburst at last night’s VMAs, let me explain. Yes Kanye West is an ass 95% of the time. And yes he’s a douche bag the other five. But with all the rants I’m hearing about his public humiliation of poor Taylor Swift last night, I’m doing all I can to silence that little voice in the back of my head whispering…“Was he really that wrong?”

Obviously, no one really gives a rat’s ass who Kanye thinks should win for the best music video, despite his deluded belief that he may just be God. (Although maybe that was a theme of last night, did Lady Gaga’s blood-drenched performance feel frighteningly like a crucifixion and resurrection to anyone else?!)

But in his defense, he was right, wasn’t he? Don’t get me wrong, I love adorable-ringlet-curl-I’m-all-innocence-and-love Taylor, and I also happen to be a fan of her music (we can all identify with not being able to snag that guy, right?). But Beyonce’s video was 20 times better. The choreography was amazing and caused a much greater stir when it debuted than Taylor’s jumping-on-the-bed-in-coke-bottle-glasses did.

It’s also vital to note his mental state at the time of this occurrence. When we saw Kanye arrive on the red carpet hours earlier, he already had a drink in his hand. And not just a red Solo cup; an entire bottle. So chances are, by the time he jumped onto the stage and accosted Taylor he was severely inebriated. Not that I am condoning his public intoxication at a nationally broadcast event, but it would be a tad hypocritical for us to judge him on his outburst when we know we’ve said some not-so-appropriate things ourselves when under the influence. (My boyfriend has silenced me on more than one occasion from bitching myself right into a fist fight with too loud comments about “the slut in the red dress” or “the girl who obviously got dressed in the dark”)

I think where Kanye went the most wrong was in his choice of opponent. This guy really needs to learn to pick his battles. Snatching the mic out of the hands of a lovable “kitten” (in the words of Katy Perry) isn’t going to win you any friends. Now if he had tackled Russell Brand right off that stage in all of his obnoxious mega-perm glory, we might have even heard some cheers from the audience.

Maybe we should look at the bright side of this whole situation: for once Kanye was talking about someone other than himself. Perhaps he’s moving in a new direction. And he handed Beyonce some amazing PR on a silver platter, as she walked away from last night looking like a Saint after she graciously gave up her own speech to help little miss Swift out (mascara tear…).

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