My Time On the 2009 VMA Red Carpet

Lykke Li hearts CollegeCandy. And we heart Lykke Li.

This has been the weekend of insanely glamorous things going on. From the VIP seats at the Ruffian show to experiencing fashion week, I thought that life couldn’t get anymore glam.

But it could. And it did.

Last night, I was lucky enough to interview celebs on the red carpet for the VMAs! I asked them about the show, their fave videos and advice for college chicas. If you weren’t following my live Tweets on the CollegeCandy Twitter, here is a little bit about my night on the red carpet!

Winners: Pitbull might’ve been the coolest guy, ever. Seriously, dude, take me to the hotel room any time. Akon, Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolf and Sean Kingston were also incredibly sweet. Rappers love me, what can I say?

Kid Sister was amazing and her nails were beyond fabulous. Look for this girl to blow up soon. Lots of love to Amerie of “One Thing” fame: down-to-earth and adorable. Lykke Li was phenomenal and the celeb I was the most starstruck by, even though she’s kind of unknown right now. Helloooo, girl crush.

Holly Montag and Stacie “The Bartender” from The Hills were super buddy-buddy, which is interesting considering the major dramz from last season. Not surprising, though, those two are not the brightest bulbs in the tanning salon.  But it’s okay –  Holly told me she “minored in drinking,” which CollegeCandy totes magotes approves of. Unless all that drinking turned her into the girl she is today, in which case I’m staying sober from here on out.

Jimmy Fallon talked to me when I basically verbally assaulted him with the fact that I go to school in Boston. He told me I looked great. We’re basically married now, right? He was perfect and talked to every possible reporter that he could. What a gem!

Oh, and Cobra Starship tried to eat my sign.
Which was not made of real candy.

Losers: Anjulie wouldn’t give me an interview. And I quote, “No, I don’t know you, but once I do, I will.” It’s okay, though – no one knows who you are either. She also was giving reporters a hard time if they hadn’t seen her video. RUDE! Also straight out of the douchebag factory? Cast of Real World: Cancun. Really? Why? Just, why?

Other points of interest: Kanye and his freaky-deaky girlfriend straight up swigging from a bottle of Hennessy on the carpet. Classy. Could explain his later outburst at Tay-Tay (who looked gorgeous, sparkly and all kinds of shiny).

Perez whored it up a bit in yellow gloves and boots, but who even wants to talk to him!? Also spotted embracing Lady GaGa. Not impressed by either of them. Was impressed by Jack Black’s fake muscles and standard ridiculous red carpet antics, though.

Blew by almost every press person: Lauren Conrad (really?!), Leighton Meester, Pink, Chase Crawford (sadface), Adam Brody (but he did turn around and wave for me!), J.Lo, Gerard Butler, Jackson Fam and Gaga.

No shows on the carpet: R.Patz & K.Stew, Eminem, Madonna, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Megan Fox.

And now for the highlights:
[gorillanation id=82747]

TREMENDOUS thank you to Meredith editing the video and making my shaky flipcam filming look fantabulous. Meredith is a freshman at Boston University studying film. She hearts yorkies, Jack Nicholson movies and the Beatles. Oh, and she just so happens to be the best little sister in the universe. Love.

Online Classes? How About Wii Classes?
Online Classes? How About Wii Classes?
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