Online Classes? How About Wii Classes?

Best class ever?

We’re all well aware of the fact that we are the technology generation. We spend our entire day with our eyes glued to computer screens, sending more texts and BBMs a minute then our hearts beat, and accompanying our lives with a personal soundtrack courtesy of our iPods. After Twitter made it possible to tell the world what you’re doing every 2 seconds (and I found out how often some of my guy friends poop), I thought nothing could shock me.

That was until I heard that the University of Houston now has an entire class dedicated to the Wii. No joke.

The course is listed in the catalog as “online aerobics activities” and the description? A class for PE credit where students work out 20-30 minutes twice a week by playing the Wii Fit video game.

Why the heck can’t my college offer this course? I’d enroll in a nanosecond. Play video games the whole semester and knock going to the gym off my daily schedule twice a week? I’m sorry but that sounds like perhaps the most amazing thing ever.

Oh, but it gets better. A course built around a game console would no doubt attract a large interest among guys, but the chairman of the university said the course focuses more around fitness activities like Yoga. Hell freakin’, yea! Now you’re telling me I don’t even have to suffer through sports like Tennis and Bowling? I can drink my chai tea latte, show up for a 20-minute yoga sesh, bag my A and call it a day?

The only thing better than taking this class is being the luck jerk who gets to “teach” it.

I’m seriously considering transferring. What do you guys think?

Bracelet or Sexual Resume?
Bracelet or Sexual Resume?
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