The Weekly Ten: The Most Annoying Phrases EVER

I'm not listening! I can't hear you!

I’m a huge fan of lists. Not to-do lists or grocery lists or my “list” (you know which one I’m talking about), but lists of things with bold faced sections that I can read through quickly and have a little chuckle. Or lists where I can vent my pent up frustration that I have been holding onto for years in hopes that the people at the root of that frustration will see the list, change their ways and make my life a whole lot more pleasant.

And that is what’s happening here. There are some people out there – lots of them – who say some pretty annoying stuff, so this week I’m gonna lay out the 10 most annoying phrases of all time. If you say any of these things, please stop. If you constantly say them all, please never come near me. Especially if I’m holding anything sharp.

10. “Just Sayin'”
End every sentence with this, really. Like I didn’t know you were saying something.

9. “On the real”
No. No. Not on the real. It’s been real, “on the real”. For real

8. “What the hey”
So cheesy, Chester Cheeto can’t even deal.

7. “Catch ya on the flip flop”
What does this even mean? Other than the obvious: don’t be my friend.

6. “Rock and Roll”
It’s time to go. Not time to Rock and Roll. Unless you want to smash up a hotel room and do lines off of supermodels, but I’m pretty sure you’re just telling me it’s time to leave the mall.

5. “No offense but…”
What I’m about to say is going to be strongly offensive.

4. “Double Yew Tee Eff, Oh Emm Gee or Bee Tee Dubs”
Really? Spelling out AIM acronyms in real life?

3. “I totally changed. It’s like I did a complete 360.”
So you spun in a circle? Good for you.

2. “Anyhoooooooo”

1. “Literally/Essentially/Extensively”
First of all, why is it that anyone who uses these phrases uses them at the wrong time? Example: The days flew by, literally. Really? Did the days LITERALLY FLY BY? The days sprouted wings and fluttered away from you? Secondly, you are not intelligent just because you begin every sentence with “Essentially.” Don’t want.

What are some of your least favorite phrases/words?