Tuffy Luv Thinks This Guy Stinks. Literally

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Dear Tuffy Luv,

One of my friends is in love with me and I’m having a hard time thinking if I should give him a chance. We tried dating for a month, but I don’t know if I can do it again. The reason why I’m not with him is because he has B.O. He is a wonderful guy but I really can’t see myself being in a relationship with him.  His B.O is really bad that the last time we kiss I wanted to barf. I turned him down once because he can be so conceited and it annoys me, but also because of the B.O. I have told him about how he smells but he just didn’t say anything. I am just so confused whether I should give a chance because I know that he loves me.


Dear Shadow,

Okay, there are much bigger problems here than his BO.

I’m worried, Shadow, that you’re willing to give a chance to a guy you find completely repulsive just because he loves you. Girl, you should NOT be with someone just because HE wants to be with you–you should be with someone because YOU want to be with HIM.

Another issue here, Shadow, is that you throw out there that he’s “conceited.” This is a much bigger problem than the guy’s smell. I mean, smell can be fixed. You can buy him deodorant, or he can suck it up and go to a doctor to see if something is actually wrong (which, by the way, he should do if it’s really that big of a problem). Smell is fixable. Personality flaws that “annoy” you already–not so much. If you notice that already, you’re gonna notice it ten times as much with each passing month. Why start something with a guy who already pisses you off?!

Bottom line: There will be other guys who love you, honey. And some of them–the right ones–will get your love back. Don’t settle for someone you don’t particularly care for. It’ll only end up hurting you both. Especially if he’s stinky.

Hearts & Skulls,

Tuffy Luv

Single. And Addicted to the Chase
Single. And Addicted to the Chase
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