The Biggest Jerk in America: Kanye West or Joe Wilson?

Although some of us – cough cough, College Candy, cough cough – are more accepting than others, I think most of us can agree that Kanye West is a jackass. And leave it to President Obama to tell it like it is in an off-the-record comment in a CNBC interview yesterday. Who knew Obama had such a potty-mouth!

But while Kanye has apologized not once, but twice to America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift, there is another heckler in our midst who has been flying under the radar and is seemingly un-remorseful.

Republican representative Joe Wilson channeled his inner 5th-grade bully when he shouted out “You lie!” to Obama during his speech on health care reform to Congress last week. (Which isn’t being discussed 1/3rd as much as Taylor-gate.) I guess it’s asking too much to expect a little maturity from our lawmakers these days.

Wilson has apologized to the President himself, but he has no intention of apologizing publicly. While Kanye is running around town making amends to a teenage pop-star, the man who shamed the President of the United States has made no such attempt. At the very least he should write Kanye a thank-you note and send him an Edible Arrangement for taking the spotlight off of his own public display of idiocy.

So if I have this right – College Candy is defending Kanye, Obama is sticking up for Taylor, the Republicans are cheering on Wilson, but who has Obama’s back? If only our government was run by musicians. We would already have copious, tearful apologies under our belt, and the hope of a chart-topping duet on the horizon.

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