The US Open is All About The Sexy [Poll]

While The US Open is typically a tournament to crown the best of the best on the tennis court, this year it was more about the Lust-Lust than the Love-Love. (That’s a really bad tennis score reference, if you didn’t get it.)

Men across the nation were drooling as jailbait Melanie Oudin battled and triumphed over Maria Sharapova, both in skill and looks.

But the men aren’t the only ones who got a little bonus feature at the Open this year. Us ladies had some eye candy of our own in the form of newcomer and new champion Juan Martin del Potro. He fell from like the sky like an Argentinean god sent here to out-play and outshine reigning champion Roger Federer.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I tuned in to the Open primarily for the man-meat. What is it about men in awkward-length white shorts that makes me swoon? Maybe it has something to do with the sexual grunts that escape their lips as they return a serve. Or perhaps it’s the way the wind whips through their flowing locks as they dash around the court. But whatever it is, I still can’t decide which tennis superstar has captured my heart.

Patriotism and my affinity for blonds has kept me loyally at Andy Roddick’s side, but after watching the Del Potro/Federer match, I’ve been seriously considering testing out foreign soil.
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