We’ve All Been There: The Party Makeout Sesh

After four outfit changes, 3 drinks and two near faceplants on the sidewalk (thank you, heels), you finally make it to the party. You’ve got a good buzz going, and an even greater cleavage situation thanks to Victoria and her secrets.

You push your way through the throngs of people, looking for some booze your friends. You stop and do the “Heeyyyyy!” with some people you know along the way, but keep things moving in the direction of the keg calling your name in the corner of the kitchen.

You grab a cup (of the red Solo variety) and get in line. The guy ahead of you is filling three cups – and also happens to be quite attractive – so you offer to help him out a bit. Soon you’re pumping the tap as he fills his cups, sharing a laugh at the drunk girl grinding against the fridge’s expense. He waits with you while you fill your own cup, then the two of you walk together into the living room where his friends are.

You spend the next 30 or so minutes drinking beer and talking. And by “talking” I mean “screaming over the ‘Party Hardy Mix’ blasting out of the giant speaker your beer is resting on.” (Note: how anyone can refer to the mix as “party hardy” when it has not one but two Miley Cyrus songs on it is beyond me.)

When a spot opens up at the beer pong table, you guys hop in. After a few games you are feeling a whole lotta drunk…which only fuels your desire to dance when some old school Jay-Z starts rockin’ out of the speakers.

“Oh My God! I LOVE this song!!” You grab some of your friends and run to the dance floor. You’re dancing in a circle (Read: facing each other belting out the lyrics) when you feel someone come up behind you. The boy wraps his hands around your waist and starts swaying back and forth behind you. Still singing to your friends, you sway along with him, getting a little more seductive with each left-to-right movement.

He moves his hands up and down your thighs. You push your butt out a little more.

When the song changes, he pulls you in a little closer. You give your friends the look, seductively pull your hair out of your eyes and turn around to face him.

Clutching your beer, you wrap your hands around his shoulders while he not-so-slyly positions himself so one of his legs is between yours. He continues to do the sway/grind, his hands moving ever so slowly towards your butt. You accidentally spill beer down his back. He doesn’t notice; he pulls you in closer. Neither of you is looking at the other.

Eventually you both look up. Your eyes meet. Then so do your lips.

You’re still swaying as you kick off your makeout session, but that soon changes to more of a grind. After awhile, you stop moving all together and simply stand in the middle of the room making out while people dance around you. You hear a lot of “Oooooh!” and “Get a ROOM!” Not that any of that registers.

Your focus: kissing the boy.

Things start getting pretty heated and when his hands start wondering up your shirt, you pull away. You give him the “What do you think you’re doing!?” look and giggle. Reality settles back in and you attempt to come back to the moment. You scan the dance floor for your friends who are nowhere to be found.

“I’ll be back,” you tell the boy. “I gotta go find my friends.”

The boy puts up a fight, but you pull away. You don’t really want to continue making out in front of an entire party, but even more, you gotta ask your friends what they think of your makeout buddy.

It’s OK, we’ve all been there. Making out in dark corners is what college parties are for, right?

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