Be Lazy, But Don’t Look It

When it comes to fashion, us college girls have standards to uphold. In the fall we must waltz into lecture in a pair of killer leather boots and a blazer. When winter hits, it’s our chance to show off all of our scarves and that cute button down pea coat. Then we enter spring, when mom ships us all of our jean skirts, sundresses and cute tanks.

But every single one of us has that day (or week) when real clothes just aren’t going to happen, whatever the reason:

1. You partied way too late and can barely open your crusty eyes. And…the walls may still be spinning.

2. It is below zero and blizzarding outside your dorm window, and your linoleum floor sends an icy chill up your leg when you get out of bed.

3. You have a test/essay due and spent the last 26 hours awake…at your computer.

Bottom line: You are not squeezing into jeans, a dress or any other article of clothing that requires zipping/squeezing/thinking. You are wearing sweats and UGG’s and that’s that. Luckily, while sweats can hardly be considered proper attire for any public venue, there are tons of new styles and options out there that won’t have everyone shooting you dirty looks as you run into class 20 minutes late.

So, if you’re gonna go with sweats, be a dear and go with a pair of these: comfy enough for an off-day, but cute enough that no one has to know.

The classic Juicy track pant. Expensive? Yes. But also flattering on your butt and super cheap when you consider how often you’ll wear these.

The flat front on these Gap pants won’t add bulk and the non-fleece material makes them a much fancier alternative to those sorority butt pants you’re always walking around in.

Twisted Heart sweats are pricey, but they have a lot of great details that set them apart from your standard sweats. Like the fact that they are long for us tall girls who don’t want to wear boy’s sweatpants.

I love the detail at the knee. These aren’t your standard I-just-went-for-a-run capris – they fit close to the body and can be paired with a cute tank or cami for a cute and comfy class ensemble.

I love Lululemon groove pants, but these are even better – they look like denim! No one has to know that the waist is elastic.

Let It Rock: Off Again, On Again
Let It Rock: Off Again, On Again
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