Sexy Time: How To Be Great In Bed

I’m just gonna say it, I’m good in bed. I might be a little arrogant about it, but a big part of good sex is confidence, so I think it’s OK to be a bit smug. A lot of girls are insecure about their performance in the bedroom, but there’s really no reason to be. Being good in bed is much simpler then you think. Here are some tips from an expert:

Enjoy Yourself. If it’s good for you, it’ll be good for your partner. Knowing what you like and how to ask for it takes the stress of figuring it out off your partner so you’re both free to relax and enjoy. Don’t know what you like? Start masturbating.

Try New Things. It’s always good to break the routine. Trying new positions, places, toys, etc. might help you both discover a new favorite.

Be Dirty. Don’t hold back and don’t worry about your manners.

Bring Another Girl Along. Okay, this one was a suggestion from my boyfriend. While I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt, it’s not necessary. Just keeping an open mind about any and all things sexual is a good way to have great sex. You don’t have to actually partake in any of them, but talking about fetishes and fantasies can be really awesome foreplay.

Make Noise. Dirty-talk or moaning provide the positive reinforcement everyone needs.

Use More Than One Hole. Front door, back door, mouth, nose, hands, feet, etc…

Love Sex. Be enthusiastic, don’t be afraid to initiate, and don’t be afraid to take control.

Swallow. The semen is in your mouth longer if you’re busy looking for somewhere to spit it out anyways.

Get To Know Your Partner. Everyone has different preferences, so take the time to learn the special things that drive your partner crazy. Don’t be afraid to ask, but if they can’t name any, make it a mission to discover them together.

Do you have any other tips on how to be good in bed?

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