The CC Weekly Weigh In: BFF Love


A girl’s gotta have her friends, right? We need someone there to cheer us up when yet another guy has stomped on our heart, when we need someone’s honest opinion on how our ass looks in those jeans, and when our hair is too short for a ponytail and someone needs to keep it out of our face when we’re puking.

We love our BFFers, but what is it about them that makes them so perfect? And how often do we really tell them?

Having graduated from college, my best friends are spread out across the country. Maybe it’s my PMS (I cried at the More To Love finale), or maybe it’s the fact that I missed my BFF’s birthday party in D.C. last weekend, but I’ve been feeling a lot of love for my friends lately. I think we all need to stop and appreciate what we’ve got sometimes (especially after knowing what we don’t want), so I asked the CollegeCandy writers to share what they love most about their BFFs.

What does your BFF got that sets her apart?

Nina – Michigan State University: Two words: Dance parties!

Kim – Stanford: The best thing about my friends is how phenomenally supportive and encouraging they are of everything I do, from academics to my unsustainable drinking habits.

Elizabeth- University of Missouri: I love that we can be at opposite ends of a lecture hall yet we both crack up at the same crazy thing our professor says. Oh, and the fact that we all wear the same size is nice, too.

K-GW: My best friend and I have the same views on hardcore grubfests; nothing like peanut butter out of the jar, a gallon of ice cream and warm brownies when drunk!

Brithny – Duke: I love how we get dressed up together and super excited to go out to the parties we won’t remember and the nights we’ll never forget.

Cristina- Michigan State:  I love my grrrrlfriends because if I said “Totes McGotes” to anyone else they probably would laugh AT me and not WITH me….Love you, bitchez.

Kathryn – University of Wisconsin-Madison: In college, one of my besties and I would stay up until 5:00am watching Law & Order: SVU and ridiculously cheesy Lifetime movies. Once the sun started to rise, we knew it was time to lay off the TV for awhile.

Lauren – University of Michigan: They are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Which makes sense; I can’t handle un-funny people. Oh, and they never judge me for my obsession with The Hills and Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood.

Thu – USC: Life sucks sometimes, but they remind me that small things can make ourselves and others feel better.

Donnette – Manhattanville College: Love my girls because everything I say stays in the non-judgment zone and when I’m having a bad day, somehow they just know and cheer me up by doing the simplest things.

Marisa – Wesleyan University: I love that I can be totally wacky and geeky and weird and my friends won’t think twice about it. In fact, they usually join me in acting completely bizarre!

Zahra – Northwestern University: I love that my friends can make ANY situation fun. Some of my most hilarious memories happened at a Wendy’s drive-thru. Seriously.

Brianna-Fordham University: I love that she’s just as cheap as I am. We raid Starbucks and delis on a weekly basis to get essentials for our apartment (ketchup, sugar, matches, you get the point). I also love all my close girlfriends for the fact that they will drop anything at anytime to meet up for a mojito.

Samantha – UC Santa Barbara: I love that we can see each other at our absolute worst, and still love each other just as much. I love that I never have to apologize to them for crying hysterically over boys, housemates, or jeans that just got a little too tight. I love that our friendship is easy. And I love that they think that the cookies baked and eaten on a yoga pant dress-code Saturday night in are a completely worthy substitute for the calories drunk on a night out and pain incurred from mini dresses and heels.

Sarabeth-University of Texas: I love my bestie because she’s always laughing!

Lexi C – Brown: My favorite thing about my (two) best friends is their unwavering support. They are ALWAYS on my side. And this isn’t to say that they never disagree or disapprove of my choices – but when they do, it comes in the form of encouraging, thoughtful, and constructive advice. Perhaps more importantly, we all ruthlessly and recklessly make fun of each other, which make all those life decisions seem as insignificant as they really are. GODDAMMIT I LOVE THEM.

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