Weekly Wrap Up: Enough With Kanye Already!

It’s been a rough week. Not only did we realize that we’ve suddenly got mountains of reading to do, but we also found out that drinking more doesn’t actually cure a hangover. We’ve also got swine flue worries, toxic friends, and the Kanye West-Joe Wilson battle for Biggest Douche of the Year to deal with.

Most ridiculously of all, Vh1 is trying to convince us that Miley Cyrus is a diva. Come on, guys! Divas don’t sing songs with titles like “Party in the USA” or have a close, personal relationship with Mickey Mouse. No offense, Miley.

There are a few bright spots on the horizon, though. As always, Fashion Week provided us with some grade-A escapism. Whether you’re knocking boots with a special someone or saving up your v-card, we had you covered. (One piece of advice for all the virgins out there—when you do decide to lose it, head over to Washington, D.C. You’re welcome.)

Best of all? If you can prove how much you love College Candy, you might just win a snazzy new laptop. Seriously!

So cheer up, everybody. It’s Friday! Throw on a pair of camouflaged sweat pants, breathe a sigh of relief, and go out and make some bad decisions this weekend. It’s all uphill from here.

Lessons Learned from Annie Le
Lessons Learned from Annie Le
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