Having Sex Does Not Make Us Slutty

I like sex. A lot. And while I consider myself to be fairly sexually experienced, I can count my sexual partners on one hand, and the vast majority of my experiences were with someone I was in a long-term relationship with. I am not a slut.

I’ve been seeing the word “slut” thrown around so much lately and I find it totally misleading. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a slut is “a slovenly or promiscuous woman” — in other words, a dirty woman who has sex with a multitude of different partners.

I’ve noticed that there are a few CollegeCandy commenters who target our writers as sluts because they’re sharing their experiences. To those people, I say – have an open mind. Like everything else in this life, everyone has different sexual needs. Some people feel that sex should be shared between two people after marriage, and a person should only have one partner their entire life. Others feel that having one sexual partner for life is impractical and unfulfilling. I challenge you to believe that both are okay.

I would also like to offer to you that there is a difference between being a slut and being a sex-positive female. We live in a society that is smothered in all things sex, but why do we still view the ladies that partake in such activities as whores? While I’m in no way advocating risky, promiscuous sex, I think it needs to be said that SEX IS A GOOD THING, and talking openly about it works to slowly but surely remove the stigma attached to it.

Sure, there really are some sluts out there. Women who have sex with everything that moves in order to fill a void, and have no respect for themselves. But it’s important to remember that the majority of the ladies at the club, in school, or those that write for CollegeCandy do not fit into that category. They enjoy sex for a variety of different reasons and see sex as a positive thing, even if it’s just a one night stand.

Sex is a positive thing.

What I’m saying here, ladies, is that we need to stop calling ourselves, our friends, and those girls in the mini-skirts sluts. It’s not fair and, more importantly, it’s not right. Once we all embrace our sexuality, we make it no longer okay for others to judge our decisions.

We gotta stick together. You with me?

Lessons Learned from Annie Le
Lessons Learned from Annie Le
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