Wardrobe Wish List: JCrew’s Slub Cotton Crystal Necklace Tee

Okay, I, like most girls, love to dress up. I love zipping up a sexy dress, painting on some dramatic cat eyes, and slipping into some sky-high heels.

But I also have those weekends when I am so burnt out, running from class to work to the gym, that I rather curl up in my pajamas and hide under the covers all weekend then spend an hour putting together an outfit.

That’s why I couldn’t be more ecstatic that t-shirts are formal this fall. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and my new favorite person. There are so many options (these tees are literally everywhere, which means you can find them in any price range), but my favorite is the Slub Cotton Crystal Necklace Tee from J Crew. It’s is ultra classy and chic, while still being unbelievably comfortable and wearable at the same time.

Sure, the price tag is a little steep ($49.50 to be exact), but considering the amount of times I’m going to wear this thing (when I finally get my paws on it), it will be totally worth it.

What makes it even better is that with this one addition to my wardrobe I have enough new outfit combos to get me through every weekend in fall. I can pair it with a skirt and a cardigan for a family function, with some skinny jeans and flats for a dinner with the girls, and with some leather boots and a tailored blazer for an instantly put together/ as-comfortable-as-my-PINK-sweats Friday night bar hopping get-up.

And when the colder weather gives way to Spring once again, I can simply peel off my layers of opaque tights and belted cardi’s for a simple shorts and t-shirt deal that will scream glamorous while feeling relaxed.

Working five hours to afford it seems only a minor speed bump in my race to being the chicest girl at every occasion this month…and next.

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