Gossip Girl: Georgina’s Back and Badder Than Ever

georgina and blair

Thank you, television Gods.

For a week there, I thought that my beloved Gossip Girl was destined to go the way of The O.C., becoming a drama where the only superior things were wardrobe choices. But after watching episode two of the season, it seems that the drama and romance we cannot live without is here to stay and growing better by the week.

And the guys are looking so. much. hotter. College did those boys gooood.

Well, for some. For Chuck Bass it was that businessman/entrepreneurial drive that turned up his sexy factor. That boy looks good when he’s holding meetings with rich old guys to get his restaurant/sex club off the ground. Too bad dear old stepsister Serena seems to thwart him at every turn. Poor Chuck finally has a vision and a plan to do something great in the future and Serena goes and ruins it for him.

If she didn’t have such an amazing wardrobe (that orange romper? I die) I’d totally hate her. She’s become the annoying little sister and has a knack for messing everything up. I’m pretty sure the same will be said (in 4 episodes, max) of her new relationship with super hottie, Carter Basin.

On the other side of New York – the lower side – Blair finally discovers that Georgina Sparks is going to be her roommate. As Blair tries to win over the plebeian college kids with overpriced sushi and fine dining, Dan and Georgina embrace the “cheap beer, loud music” lifestyle and find themselves on the top of the college social totem pole (who knew that even existed anyway?). Looks like Prada dresses and headbands with big bows don’t matter at NYU if you can’t talk about alternative music and cool camera angles…but does Dan Humphrey really have what it takes to stay on top? Sure, he managed to save one “wild” college party and humiliate Blair, but if we know anything about B, she’ll bounce back, with not a hair out of place. After all, everyone knows that nobody actually remembers what happens the first week of college, anyway.

And where were Nate and Bree? Spending the whole day in bed, of course. They have to be mentioned because any partially clothed scenes of Chace Crawford are worth mentioning, but that’s about all there is to them.

Things to look forward to: the upcoming war between Blair and Georgina. My money is on Blair, but scenes from next week (naked man in Blair’s bed, evil Georgina Sparks eyes) means that Blair is sure to be stepped on a little bit before she can claw her way back up to the top. Also, Dan’s half-brother is still there, still biding his time, still hooking up with Vanessa. Please just spill your guts already! That drama is long overdue.

Storyline the writers just had to throw in: Lonely boy Dan and re-born Georgina Sparks waking up together after her party. Nobody cares anymore. (Editor’s Note: Excuse me? Nobody cares?! I guffawed! Audibly!) However, I’m sure it’s going to bother Serena, and then maybe we can see some of that Season 1 Dan-Serena sexual tension onscreen. If that’s where this storyline is going, then I’m all for it.

Highlight of the show: Blair crawling into bed with Chuck, falling asleep, and making us all wish we were her. Forgive me for being a sap, but I’m hoping they stay semi-functional for a while. I could use some romance in my life.

Until next week…
You know you love them.

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