Life After College: I’m A Working Woman!

excited girl

I got a job!!!

All my tears, temper tantrums, panic attacks, stress-induced friend fights, and violent rages towards my parents turned out to be totally worth it. I’m on my way to getting a full time job. And by that I mean that I’m now working three freelance blogging jobs and making enough money to support myself for at least one to three months depending on how long I can sustain myself on a water and table scraps diet.

One blog is about the postgrad realty market, one is geared towards men’s humor, and the last is all about liberating and embracing a woman’s sexuality. So by the time I get done with a week of writing all three, I’ll be the only certified realtor that can make hilarious fart jokes while imparting the seriousness of bra burning. If that’s not a pick-up line in a bar, then cat’s got my tongue (I’m aiming to write for a blog entirely composed of idioms if anyone’s got a lead).

I excitedly told my grandparents over a dinner of boiled chicken and broth to which they responded with little to no enthusiasm, can you write that much? I immediately answered yes, of course I can write that much. However I started to question myself; am I capable of actually writing several different blogs? I mean this blog is easy. I just have to write about myself and truth be told it’s been a phenomenal therapy system for me since graduation. All I have to do is share my feelings and then the commenters provide the tough love solutions.

I’ve spent the last few months telling everyone that I aspire to be a fulltime blogger and now that it’s kinda starting to happen, I’m kinda starting to freak out. I have to really be an adult and create a schedule for myself. No more sleeping in until noon and spending my days sitting on a park bench insulting tourists in my head as they walk by in their heinous sneaker-dress combo outfits. No more half-assing work because I’m an unpaid intern. This is the real thing.

Then again, perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself and this freelance blogging is a good intro to the real world of working. I’ll be waking up earlier, dressing myself nicer (I’m pretending like it’s a REAL job), and perhaps start looking into getting some of that health insurance everyone’s been talking about.

The best part of getting these jobs is that next week when I go back to school for homecoming I won’t even have to lie about having a job. I just have to keep the bragging to a minimum about having three.

Dear Fall, I Love You
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