Sexy Time: How HE Can Be Great In Bed

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Last week I gave some pointers about how we girls can kick ass in the bedroom. This week, it’s the boys’ turn. My boyfriend is, by far, the best sex/oral I’ve ever had, and for a while I was actually freaked out that he would spoil me for life. To solve that issue, I had him write a guide on how to please to a woman (that I could assign as homework to any future boyfriends).

Since I don’t see myself dating anyone else any time soon (this Natasha Bedingfield song is totally my life right now), I’ve decided to share it with all of you so that someone will benefit from all this hard work.. So here it is, courtesy of Mr. Amazing himself, and edited with some careful consideration by yours truly.

Lesson One: Oral Stimulation

Kelly Says:
Oral stimulation is ALL about the clitoris. Know it, love it, lavish it.

The Boy’s Guide:

1. Stimulate the area with your tongue, but do not apply direct contact to the magic spot until the end. Most women are too sensitive for direct contact right away, and the longer you tease her, the better she will feel in the end.

2. IMPORTANT: feel out what she likes. Pay attention to her bodily responses to various types of strokes and methods. It’s really not that difficult if you focus on her pleasure, rather than waiting for your own.

Lesson Two: Intercourse

Kelly Says: There’s much more to sex than in-and-out motion. Every girl will have different preferences, so try out different types of movements and notice how she responds.

The Boy’s Moves:

1. Ski Down The Mountain: Move your pelvis from side to side as you enter her, so that you enter her at alternating angles each time.

2.  Indicate Your Turn: Enter from the same angle a couple times in a row, hard and fast.

3. Drop The Hammer: Come almost all the way out of her then push all the way in.

4.  Search For Infinity: Make an infinity (sideways 8 ) with the pelvis. This will hit her g-spot and drive. her. crazy.

Lesson Three: Afterward

Kelly Says: The boy didn’t include this in his guide, but I think it’s too important to ignore: Intimacy doesn’t end when the intercourse does. Most women get a surge of oxytocin after orgasm, which makes them crave a bonding connection. You may want to roll over and fall asleep, but give her at least a few minutes of kisses and cuddling.

So there you go, time to go track down your man-of-the-hour and try it out for yourself. Keep in mind, though: good sex is a journey, not a destination. Keep trying new things and you’ll keep finding things you enjoy even more than the last!

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