Weekly Wrap Up: It’s Time for Some Cider

tired_baby-whew.jpgHappy fall, everybody!

After months of sun and sweat, it’s finally time to enjoy good TV and cozy autumnal fashionor not. The weather is perfect: it’s warm enough to work out outdoors, if you’re into that kind of thing, but cool enough to make getting close to a special someone—meaning someone who can take direction—even more appealing… especially if you’ve already had a few.

Fall also carries a few dangers with it. We’re going to have to start resisting the temptation to take any shortcuts with our schoolwork, being vigilant about that porky flu, and keeping track of how many baked goods we eat (especially if we choose to pull a Michael Phelps. Munchies can be murder). But as long as we still get to party—responsively, of course!—it’s all good.

Also, this happened this week. It doesn’t really have anything to do with anything; we just like linking to a picture of a giant baby every now and then.

“Bacon is good for me!” [Video]
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