From StyleHive: Vintage Fashionistas Embrace “Mad Men” Style

Once upon a time, women sat around on Sunday nights sipping cocktails and tuning in to their favorite fashion friends on Sex and the City. But whether you were more of a Samantha or a Carrie type doesn’t matter anymore because there’s a whole new gang of girls in town.

The new fashionistas to watch are the girls of the hit series Mad Men.

The buxom Joan Holloway, the poised Betty Draper, and the spunky Peggy Olsen don’t just entertain us but allow us to feast our eyes on the fabulous designs of yesteryear, coordinated by the show’s talented costume designer, Janie Bryant. Pair the dresses walking down the halls of Sterling Cooper with period pumps and handbags and you’ll look a bit dated, but it’s easy to glam them up 2009-style with tights, belted cardigans or ankle boots.

Check out the StyleHive slide show for some vintage delights for Mad Men fans. Now you’re one step closer to becoming Joan Holloway.

Inspired By Inspiring Women
Inspired By Inspiring Women
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