Wardrobe Wish List: Freitag Bags

I first learned about Freitag, a Swiss company, and its products while flipping through a magazine during a flight. What kept me reading the whole article instead of turning up the volume on my headphones to whatever random movie was playing on that mini screen 10 rows up was how they made their products. This wasn’t just another ho-hum ad for a travel bag; Freitag was born from something bigger.

The idea came about when graphic designer brothers Markus and Daniel Freitag wanted a durable and waterproof messenger bag to carry their belongings in. They traveled by bike and when it rained, their designs would get ruined. They were inspired by the colorful trucks that would drive past their apartment, so they made the very first Freitag bag out of a truck tarpaulin with a used car seatbelt as the strap and an old bicycle inner tube as the edging.

And there it was: an awesome looking bag that was practical and eco-friendly.

Since its first production in 1993, Freitag has expanded from messenger bags of various sizes to tote bags, duffle bags, wallets, and even soccer balls, as well as many other items. They continue to use the same recycled materials, making it a very eco-friendly company. If you are able to afford the price tag, which may be a bit steep, you will get a high quality and unique bag in return. Each product is made from tarpaulins of different colors and designs, so your bag will be the only one of its kind! With so many to choose from, there’s sure to be one you’ll love.

I’ve been wanting a Freitag bag since I read that article over a year ago. If only I could stop making all those trips to frozen yogurt shops and Forever 21 to save enough for one.

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