Weekly Ten: Repenting? Yeah Right

I will not apologize for my beauty sleep. I will not!

This week, in light of the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. I’m not Jewish, but the fact that my 21st birthday falls on the day of repenting has caused me to think about the fact that I’m doing the exact opposite: indulging and sinning.

I’m so not chosen for a reason.

Last week the CollegeCandy writers shared the things they want to ask forgiveness for. I’ve decided to take a different route and reflect on the things I’ve done wrong and have no desire to repent for. I’ve got enough Catholic guilt as it is.

10. Borrowing my sister’s clothes without asking.
Sorry Meredith, I just had to have that black shirt. You never wear it!

9. Indulging in cupcakes. At any hour of the day.
8 AM. Magnolia Bakery. Totally appropriate and healthy.

8. Exceeding my budget (by a lot a lot) for the sale at Saks.
It’s not like I need groceries.

7. Skipping class to sleep.
Not going to feel guilty for those extra z’s over watching a video on gender roles in advertising. Barbie, bad. I get it. I can find it on YouTube, right?

6. Lying about having a boyfriend to get out of a date.
Yeah, sorry I have this super protective boyfriend that won’t let me even text other boys.

5. Staying out til 3 AM. On a weekday.
Tuesdays are the new Fridays.

4. Using that emergency credit card for a Pad Thai emergency.
“Dad, I’m sorry, I needed it! I promise I won’t do it again, or at least I won’t until next weekend.”

3. Shamelessly Facebook-stalking.
Just making sure you still have more chins than quality personality traits.

2. Making out with my ex-fling.
If it happened in a different state, than it doesn’t count. Ah, who cares? Totally. Worth. It.

1. Telling friends I’m sick and can’t go out. In order to stay in and watch movies with my real best friend: peanut butter M&Ms.
Okay, maybe saying I’m “swining out” was a little overboard.

Overheard: Crim Pin Bill
Overheard: Crim Pin Bill
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