Gossip Girl: Photos, Lies and a Walk Of Shame

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Yesterday was the best day ever.

First, my Communications teacher decided to show Gossip Girl in our class and then the CW broadcast a fabulous new episode and finally developed the “Rufus Humphrey’s kid is hiding out in New York” plot line.  Oh, and I got to see Dan Humphrey do a Walk of Shame.

Yay, life.

Ok, so yeah, I was jumping up and down when Scott was finally ready to admit who he was. And then the moment actually happened – or didn’t. Turns out that Scott kid is more Humphrey than I thought – he didn’t have the balls to come out and tell the Humphrey-clan his true identity. The only one who knows right now is Vanessa, and, let’s be real, that girl can’t keep her mouth shut for an entire subway ride to Brooklyn. (Disclaimer: I really don’t like Vanessa and will take every excuse to bash her.)  As soon as she learns the smallest of details, she has to go spilling it to everyone and poor Scott’s life is going to be turned up-side-down.

Does that mean that hottie will be back for more episodes? We can only hope.

But all that Humphrey drama didn’t ruin the entire 60-minutes for me. In fact, Georgina saved it. How much do you love  that the bitch in Georgina Sparks is finally back? And how much does it skeeve you out that she’s become so…creepy?  Did anyone else notice a picture-perfect version of her and Dan on her shiny paper-thin MacBook Air? I know most of her motivation in life comes from getting back at Blair, but I think this love/obsession for Dan is real. And really creepy. We can all bet that Dan is going to pay for his wanting to keep-things-casual attitude towards her; once you’re in bed with Georgina Sparks, you are probably going to have to crawl your way out.

Personally, I love the whole manipulative side to her.  The Jesus lover was freaking me out, the nice girl act was just boring and this “I heart Dan” thing is weird.  This drama is much more my style and I can’t wait to see more of that. Bring out the claws, woman.

In the business world of New York, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf bid on a photo – Blair to climb up in the New York social world, and Chuck to impress his future business partners.  Poor B still doesn’t have any friends at school, but apparently Chuck is buying a hotel now, so at least she’ll have her pick of rooms when she wants to take out her frustrations on a certain Bass.  That’s gotta make the girl feel better, right? I know when my super rich boyfriend bought a hotel….wait. No I don’t.

And for those who are also too cool for school, Serena van Der Woodsen is playing couple with Carter Basin…who is much less cute now that he is broke.  But she did date Dan Humphrey, so maybe she likes saving those helpless boys.

Things to look forward to: Finding out why Bree Buckley hates Carter Basin so much.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume it has something to do with money. Doesn’t it always?  Also to look forward to:  shirtless Nate Archibald. Where was he (and those pecks) this episode?

Highlight of the show: Georgina making her way to Boston to mess with Scott. Just because he’s in a different area code doesn’t mean Georgina can’t get her claws into him.

Until next week…
You know you love them.

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