Live Green. Technology the Eco-Friendly Way

Regardless of whether you are majoring in computer science or can’t even figure out how to type on an iPhone (guilty), you gotta admit that technology is pretty cool.  One recurring downside, however, is that most techie products require lots and lots of electricity which, in turn, requires lots and lots of oil.

Now, I’m not asking to start lighting candles in lieu of your desklamp, but there are lots of options that are sleek, convenient, and help make the change towards a greener lifestyle.  Here are some of my top picks:

IKEA solar desk lamp:  I was pretty sure before, but now I am absolutely certain, IKEA sells pretty much everything you could ever want.  Looking for a solar-powered desk lamp?  They got it.  Want some LED lights that consume 70% less energy than normal light bulbs?  Yep, they’re included.  But these babies aren’t just eco-friendly, they’re also super cute and come in every color of the rainbow.  Stick one on your desk and instantly feel the academic juices flow.

Belkin’s Conserve Surge Protector:  Recently I discovered something known as “phantom” power (who gave it that name, I don’t know.)  Phantom power is the standby power used when you keep your appliances plugged in after you’re done using them.  This “phantom” is estimated to take up as much as 15% of your overall energy use.  Eliminate your phantom by turning to this Belkin surge protector.  It comes with a remote so that you can turn off the surge protector (without having to crawl behind your TV stand) when you’re no longer using your appliances.  For those of us that need the essentials (i.e. blackberry and laptop) to be charged at all times, there are 2 “always on” outlets for your convenience.

The SodaStream:  The soda stream is a personal carbonator that makes your own personal-sized fizzy water in your own home (!).  Not only do you save plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill, but you also spare the energy used to synthesize and transport the bottles to your local supermarket.  Plus, “hand-made” fizzy water doesn’t contain any sodium, which can intensify bloating (ew) and water retention.  It’s a little pricey, but if you’re a soda water fiend like I am, it will definitely make up for it in the end.

The Snuggie!:  Okay, so maybe the Snuggie isn’t the best choice as far as eco-friendly fabrics go, but at least now I know I’ve gotten your attention.  As Autumn nears and the temperature gets cooler, we all run straight for our thermostats.  But why turn up the heat and your electric bill when you can snuggle up with your very own blanket (sleeves optional).  Of course, I recommend any blanket made from organic fibers, such as this throw made with regenerated fibers, but any old fleece blanket will to the job.

Stop Taking Shots and Eat Your Cocktails!
Stop Taking Shots and Eat Your Cocktails!
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