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The Five Questions We Ask Everyone: Professional Medium, Rebecca Rosen


n753877365_321804_8337When you think of a medium, most people think of someone dressed in a cheesy plush velvet robe reeking of patchouli, holding a voo-doo doll with pins in it. But take one look or have one conversation with the adorable, sweet and down to earth Rebecca Rosen and you will immediately say, “OMG I, like, totally want to be her BFFAE!” She could easily be the girl you sit on the couch with to watch GLEE, and she most certainly could be the friend you feel comfortable enough to vent all your problems to.

But what’s different about Rebecca is that she has more than just advice. She has real answers about your future and your past.  As a professional psychic medium she communicates with spirits on a regular basis – you know, dead people. Loved ones and spirit guides who linger around to provide advice and offer relief to the living.

As a Medium, Rebecca has wowed packed houses time and again with her gift.  I had the chance to attend a reading back in 2003. Having never met Rebecca before, and in a room full of hundreds of strangers, I was astounded and admittedly a little freaked out when she hit the nail on the head with incredibly accurate details 99% of the time.  And I was in shock when I realized without a doubt that my own grandfather had came through.

Ever since that reading, I have become intrigued by her work and the spirit world. I know not everyone is a believer, but for those who want to know more about life beyond death or how to communicate with our loved ones (be it for closure or for guidance when you hit that inevitable mid-senior year ‘what do I do with my life now?’ phase),  Rebecca wants everyone to know that we all have the power to connect to our loved ones on our own. She says the only difference is that she’s mastered a skill that we haven’t developed yet. In her new book, Spirited (hits stores Feb. 2010), she teaches us how to tap into our own intuitive knowing, as well as recognize and interpret spirit energy, a support system available at to us at any time.

I was able to pick Rebecca’s brain about what exactly she does and how this gift came to be and was so intrigued that I ran way over 5 questions…

The Five Questions We Ask Everyone:

1. What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
I was such a good kid; it was my older brother who got in trouble. The most trouble, honestly, and this is going to sound pathetic, is when I was in high school and I lied to my parents and told them a few of my girlfriends were sleeping at one girlfriend’s house and we were actually at a guy’s house with all of our boyfriends. So I got grounded. That’s the only time in my life I’ve ever been grounded.

2. What are 5 things you can’t live without?
Well, my husband and my boys. I love my morning coffee. I would also say I can’t live without my yoga and my good girlfriends.

3. What is your motto or advice you live by?
Everything happens for a reason and there’s a gift in everything

4. What is your favorite song to sing while in the car/shower/at karaoke?
Oh god. I don’t sing; so not my gift. I have to be honest I don’t think I have a favorite. I love Pink. Anything by Pink.

5. Finish this sentence: 10 years from now, I’ll be…
I think I’ll be doing a lot of the same, but more so teaching people how to develop their own intuitive gift.

Five (or ten – this gal is intriguing!!) for Rebecca:

1. How did you discover that you had this gift? And were you freaked out at first?
I was in college. It was my sophomore year and I was going through a mild depression.  Food was my drug of choice and I would sleepwalk and start eating and I would wake up a minute or two into it saying ‘what am I doing?’ And this started happening every night and I was really freaked out that I couldn’t control it. So I went and saw a doctor and got on anti-depressants, but I got off of them after six months. I felt like it was making things worse and I was desperate for help. Because [it happened] every night, I gained 40 pounds. I was miserable.

I was miserable, crying every night to sleep and praying for someone or something to help me. So that’s when I started journaling and through my writing one day my grandmother starting coming through talking to me saying she didn’t want me to suffer the same way she did from her depression and she was here to help me and she was here in response to my cries at night.  She basically said I needed to start healing myself from the inside out, loving myself and to stop looking outside for validation, approval, etc. So basically she said I know you think you’re making this up and that you’re crazy- call your dad and ask him these 3 things. I did and my dad freaked out because sure enough of the things I asked him, 2 of them he had never told anybody, including my mom. So he knew for a fact it was his mom.

2. Tell us the amazing story of how your Grandma sent you your soul mate.
So for about 18 months she (my grandma) was there to help me and every day I would journal and connect with her and I really did the work on me, loving me, feeling me. And in that time she told me she would send me my soul mate and his name would be Ryan, he would give me a rose, and his birthday is  9/24.

Alright so fast forward: I’m 18 months into this, I’m feeling a whole lot better, and I had an advertising internship lined up in Chicago. I was driving from Gainesville to Chicago and on the drive I got a call saying my living arrangements fell through. It was an unpaid internship, so my parents said you have to come home because we’re not paying to support you in Chicago. So I was devastated, but I went home and my mom set me up with this guy, Bryan, she had met a few months earlier.  I was really hesitant, because I didn’t want my mom setting me up. But I trusted her, so I went out with him and sure enough it dawned on me that maybe Ryan was Bryan and his last name was Rosen so I thought Rose= Rosen. So I went home, before I said anything to him, I dug through journals and I found the birthday and I called him and I said is this your birthday? He obviously thought I was stalking him, but it totally was his birthday and that’s when I was so flipped out only because then I knew without a shadow of a doubt I was talking to my dead grandma.

3. How did you know you could connect with other people’s loved ones who have passed on?
My grandma told me, because she said I’m done with you, you know you found your soul mate you healed yourself but now you need to go help other people. So that’s about a year before I started, because I was so in denial I did not want to come out of the closet and tell people I did this.

4. Where you nervous people would think you were crazy?
Yeah, oh god yeah. I thought I was crazy. I mean I questioned my sanity; I think I finally embraced it when I was in yoga one day and I kept hearing Papa Morry, Papa Morry and I was like “who the hell is Papa Morry” and I started seeing a vision of my friend breaking up with her long time boyfriend. And the next day my friend and I went to dinner and she starts crying and the first thing she says is,  “Craig and I broke up.” And I’m like “Oh my God is Papa Morry your Grandpa?” And it was. So that’s when I was like, fine, I’ll play with this. So out of a West Bloomfield, Michigan coffee shop I started doing readings on the side just for fun, just for friends of friends. Sure enough, I was blowing people away. I was blowing myself away.

5. What exactly is it that you see? Do you see an image? Do you hear a voice?
No, because they don’t have bodies anymore, I don’t see their body and I don’t hear voices because they don’t have them. So it’s as if thoughts and feelings are pressed into my mind and body. The soul is energy; it’s like light so sometimes I see sparks of light around somebody or streaks or flashes, that’s the spirit or the soul. Some mediums see ghostlike apparitions, I personally do not. So it’s very subtle. It’s in my own mind’s voice I’m hearing things or in my own mind’s eye I’m seeing things. So it’s kind of like a day dream. It’s very subtle – it comes very fast I have to then take the information and then have to accurately interpret what the spirit is trying to say. That’s why it’s so challenging; it’s like a whisper and you want to tell them speak up but you know you’ve got to work with what you have

6. How do they know when to come to you?
A lot of people say it’s not good to summon the dead and I don’t. They come to me, I don’t go to them.  I believe anybody that comes to me for a reading or any person that crosses my path, I think the universe has brought them to me for a reason and the spirits are behind the scenes orchestrating.  That being said, it’s easy. Because if they’re in front of me – whether it’s for a personal reading, a group reading, or just at a party and I start hearing in my head “their mom died” or “Ellen Ellen Ellen” – I trust.   I’m always mindful of boundaries if I’m not in a professional setting, I always ask, “Are you open,  is it OK to share this with you?” So then I trust the spirits and 9 times out of 10 it’s correct

7. So can anyone channel these spirits?
Anyone can channel or connect with a spirit for themselves. Not everyone can do it for other people. We can all go within and connect with our own intuition for daily guidance, we can all pray and meditate and connect with our dead loved ones and our spirit guides, we can all do it for ourselves. I think there’s a very select few who are meant to be doing it for other people.

8. What kind of advice would you give in coping with depression?
I think bottom line is this: first and foremost you need to decide what kind of depression it is; if it’s mild, moderate, or severe, and if it’s severe you definitely need to go to a doctor and get treated. I found that out the hard way with my dad. He was bipolar and he got off his meds and, sadly, he took his own life. So you know you have to decide. For me it was a mild depression. All of us have a drug of choice – some us choose to numb our pain with alcohol, drugs, sex, compulsive shopping. Mine was food. I really think, bottom line, that you need to find a way to go within. For me I was going with-out and I was trying to find the answers there. So go within; that means meditation and prayer and remembering that we are not alone. We have this guidance – intuition available to help us stay on the right track. Learn to tap into it.

9. How do you advise going about tapping into it?
It’s so simple.  It’s breathing, focusing on the present moment. It’s like “The Power of Now” (Eckhart Tolle); everything else is creating anxiety about the past or future. Living in the moment, being present. To do that you close your eyes, sit still and breath, and try to let go of all the mind thoughts.

10. Do you believe in that everything is destined or in concepts like the law of attraction, where we can choose our own fate?
I believe so much in co-creation and that not everything is set in stone and that you have the power to change things. So while in my readings I do offer psychic information if it comes through, I always tell people this is bound to change based on your choices, so if you keep going with the flow this is what is going to happen.  You have freewill and if you decide “I don’t like that I’m going to change it” then sure enough you are going to.

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