These 5 College Profs Put The “F” in Professor

"Are you saying you disagree with my theory as outlined on page 182 of my book?"

So class isn’t always our first priority at school. Okay, maybe it never is. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy some of them. Once you get past that pain-in-the-ass core requirement list, you can actually take classes that interest you.

But whether the class is right up your alley, or you can’t wait for it to be over, there are always those professors who are going to make that 3 hours a week a living hell.

Rate My Professor may help weed out which specific professors suck a fatty, but there are so many that slip through the cracks. And they’re everywhere. On every campus. In every major. And with the stress of midterms coming up, we need to vent. These professor characters are really starting to get on our nerves!

The Bitter Professor
Who hasn’t had one of these teachers? Their life long dream was to be an actor, or a novelist, or a groundbreaking scientist. Instead they ended up teaching others about the topic so that perhaps they can go on and accomplish what the professor couldn’t. And as we all go on and graduate, they are stuck teaching the same lesson plans over and over and over until they retire. They are painfully aware of this fact, and they will take any and every opportunity to torture you (tests, quizzes and 25-page papers) in order to ease their own bitterness.

The Author Professor
They are extremely smart and have been successful in their field. Props for that. But using your class as a PR tool? Not cool. No, we do not want to buy your overpriced book. No, we do not want to read all 385 pages. And no, we do not want to spend a semester discussing your theory on 18th century literature. Sadly, we really don’t have a choice, and to get that “A” we will be forced to spend a whole semester kissing your butt and writing papers that merely agree with and celebrate whatever it is you think.

The Delusional Professor
The class is a requirement, a last choice, an easy A, or at 8:30am. Read: you don’t care about it at all. It’s not important – it just has to be taken, so you’ll suffer through it to get it over with. While the whole class is well aware of the facts, the professor clings on to the hope that everyone cares about the topic/is bitter that his class is a mockery and, as a result, assigns a way-too-large course load. Two term papers, three exams and 300 pages of reading a week? Awesome, dude, awesome.

The Oblivious Professor
Um, sir? There is a clock above the door for a reason. If you think we are all so enraptured by your monotonous lecture that we too have lost track of time, you are wrong. When the clock ticks past that last minute no one hears anything else you say over the sounds of the obvious paper shuffling, bag packing and students talking in the hallway. Because their prof let them out on time.

The Technologically Challenged Professor
We have all had the “How do I instant message your cell phone?” convo with our parents (“it’s called a text mom, duh!”), and it’s annoying. But we shouldn’t have to walk our professors through the joys of email. If you’re in an academic setting, you really need to wake up and join the 21st century! The fact that these professors cannot upload any readings onto the computer is seriously hurting our bank accounts and having to print out a hard copy of every homework assignment and essay is killing mucho trees. And, hello, an email explaining that class is canceled would be nice before we get to the lecture hall and find a T.A. scribbling the announcement on the board!

Oh, and if we can’t have our cellphones out during class, maybe you could learn to turn off your ringer so we don’t have to be interrupted by Michael Bolton mid-lecture.

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