From StyleHive: Breast Cancer Awareness Goes Chic

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, but this is an issue that should be brought to light at all times. In an effort to spread the word, designers have been coming out with some simple and flattering t-shirt designs that can be worn way past the month of October to remind all of us of this worthy cause. Many of the t-shirt designs still show the recognizable pink ribbon and use the bubble-gum pink color that we’ve all come to associate with Breast Cancer Awareness, but in an effort to reach a larger audience, designers are also introducing looks that include more versatile colors, trendy details and cute graphics that still sound as a voice for the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation, allowing you to wear these tees for numerous occasions.

Not only would the message for awareness be seen more often, but a large percentage (50% to 100%) of the proceeds are donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, helping spread the word for prevention and funding the search for a cure. Even celebrities like Nicky Hilton, Sophia Bush and others are jumping on the Breast Cancer awareness bandwagon and have designed shirts to help spread the word.

Check out the cuteness (slide show!) over at StyleHive to shop the tees and help raise awareness in the process.

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