From StyleBakery: 5 Star Beauty Tricks You Can Do At Home

We caught up with some stylish celebs and top make up artists to bring you their get-gorgeous tips and tricks that you can DIY at home! Here are the tips we found most useful:

To keep her scalp hydrated and healthy, Padma Lakshmi (host of “Top Chef” and Pantene spokesperson) told us she microwaves a cup of jojoba oil and massages it into her hair. We tried it and it left our hair feeling nice and soft. (Photo courtesy Pantene).

To create beach-y waves on singer Kelly Clarkson,¬†celebrity make up artist Brett Freedman¬†uses a golf ball size dollop of shaving cream foam, which adds body and hold. Apply from roots to ends and style as usual. This trick works best with classic foams, like Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream ($2.99 at but if you have “gel to foam” formulas, just use half a golf ball, he said.

Celebrity make up artist Elke Von Freudenberg, who has worked with stars such as Kate Moss and James Franco, said her favorite secret she offers clients is to use baking soda mixed with water to make a pasty facial scrub before photo shoots. The scrub removes dead skin cells without causing redness or irritation and makes skin smooth so foundation will look flawless. (Image source:

According to Epsom Salt Council spokesperson Peter Smolowitz, many celebs use the stuff as part of their beauty routine. Heidi Klum reportedly relaxes in a bathtub with two cups of Epsom Salt for 12 minutes before big red carpet events. The Epsom Salt relieves stress and draws toxins out of skin. Smolowitz said Epsom Salt can also be used in gentle facials (mix 1/2 tsp into a cleansing cream), as a hair volumizer (combine it with warm deep conditioner and leave it on for 20 minutes), and as a foot scrub (mix with petroleum jelly and a few drops of oil). (Image source:

Chris Lanston, a make up artist who has worked with shows on MTV, Miss USA, and the Tyra Banks Show, gave us some simple tips you can use with products already in your bathroom during the morning rush. To reduce puffiness around the eye area, dab on some Preparation H ($11.99 at To reduce the redness of a blemish, try putting some Visine Original ($7.99 at on it, he said. We put both tips to the test with satisfying results – after a couple minutes our eyes looked refreshed and skin tone evened out!

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