Intro to Cooking: Sweet Potato Fries

It’s simple: French fries are good but baked sweet potato fries are better! In every way, I might add. They satisfy junk food cravings without the grease and trans fat. And you can rest easy knowing they will be good to your shrinking Coach wallet at less than a dollar an order.

Plus they’re so. damn. good. I swear, I’m so addicted to these things I thought they had crack in them until I made them myself. Turns out, it’s just sweet potato goodness. And a bit of salt.

Stuff you need:

Sweet potatoes
Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper

Let the salivating begin:

1. Pre-heat the oven to 375 degrees.

2. Scrub the potatoes clean.

3. Cut the potatoes. As you chop away like a veritable Martha Stewart, think about how good your fries are going to taste. I know, I know. These potatoes are like freaking carrots – I never expected them to be so hard either. But try to make them all the same size and thickness so they’ll cook the same. Also, the smaller you cut them, the less baking time you’ll need, which translates to less time you’ll have to wait before you can eat the deliciousness that will be your sweet potato fries. Oh, and leave the skin on – it has valuable nutrients and gives the fries texture. Your call though, obvi.

4. Throw the sweet potatoes in a baking pan and drizzle olive oil over them (you don’t need a ton, just enough to lightly coat the pieces). Season with salt and pepper as desired.

5. Mix so they are evenly coated.

6. Pop your potatoes in the oven, set the timer for about 20 minutes, and go check your e-mail or something. Don’t be alarmed if you hear funky sounds coming from the oven. From my experience, a slight hissing sound is normal. Go in there and flip those puppies over halfway through. Resume e-mailing.

7. After the timer goes off, grab a fork and poke one of your fries. If your fork sticks in the potato, give it a few more minutes. I know it’s hard to wait, especially considering how good they smell, but do it! They taste the best slightly browned.

Enjoy by themselves or with ketchup, but definitely enjoy them by yourself, unless you feel like sharing. With everyone. And getting none for you.

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