The Tucker Max Double Standard

My opinion of Tucker Max is complex. While I can’t say I agree with his choice of lifestyle,  I did read his book, I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, recommended it to others and have it listed as one of my favorite books on Facebook. To be honest, I thought it was hysterical and could see myself writing a similar book. If one more person says I should be “the female Tucker Max,” I’m going to have to start rethinking my life choices.

But after I have seen writers on CollegeCandy post in a Tucker Max-esque fashion and get bashed for it, I have been turned me off to the idea of writing my own book altogether.  And the comments on CollegeCandy’s recent post on Tucker Max only added fuel to the flame, as readers uncharacteristically turned the other cheek to his antics. The writer’s opinion was that Max and his antics are misogynistic and simply not funny. But the majority of the comments on the post begged to differ.

“I read every single story on the Tucker Max website about 4 years ago…and they were hilarious to me. And I’m a girl with self-respect who would never want to be someone featured in a story like that, but I don’t feel bad for those women. It was their decision to sleep with him and he happened to get some great stories out of it. I understand that a lot of people don’t appreciate smut humor..but obviously a lot of people do (including A LOT of girls considering that at least half his fan base consists of them).”

“He’s funny because he’s ridiculous. Though you can’t believe all he writes because I’m pretty sure some stories are made up/exaggerated, no one actually lives that kind of life.”

“fat girls ARE NOT real people”

It’s funny that people are so quick to praise Max for his shenanigans, but when other writers on CollegeCandy write similar stories from their own life experiences, comments such as “wow, you’re mother must be proud” litter the cornucopia of holier-than-thou responses. I, myself, have written articles anonymously for CollegeCandy because I know the comments I will receive will be derogatory, no matter how well written, ridiculous and humorous the story may be.

So for people to be so supportive of Max and his quest to document his sexual plight and yet bash other writers for exactly the same content on CollegeCandy is one of the hypocrisies of life that I will despise until my dying day.

If Tucker Max can write about the time a girl vomited on his dick while his buddy videotaped it from inside a closet and we can all laugh and pat him on the back, then why don’t we all ease up a bit when it comes to comical and usually sarcastic posts written on CollegeCandy. My mom may not be proud of me, but that’s not for you to judge.

The Morning After: Girl Got Burned
The Morning After: Girl Got Burned
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