Lauren Conrad, Go Back To Fashion School

Everyone in my life knows I love Lauren Conrad. I started using the word “homeboy” because she made it so endearing, attempted her adorable side-braid (and pouted all day when I realized it looked horrible on me) and totally got into the leggings and men’s t-shirt trend because she rocked it so chic-ly through he streets of LA on The Hills.

When she came out with a fashion line, I couldn’t wait to shop the racks, obvi. The cuts were great and the palette made it perfect for serving as the basic staples of my wardrobe (think solid colored t-shirts, comfy tanks and primary colored mini’s to be pared with jackets and patterned tights that were already in my closet).

Sadly, the price tags and my bank account had a huge fallout and after purchasing a select few pieces (one of which I found digging through the sale rack), I just couldn’t add LC to my list of most-worn designers.

So when I found out that she was doing a diffusion line with Kohl’s I was leaping out of my skin with excitement. She just oozes that laid back, California girl vibe that I couldn’t wait to rock myself. I was all ready to accompany my new wardrobe with some loose curls and a bronzy glow.

And when I first opened the website it seemed all my prayers had been answered. There was a live video of LC, lounging in a flowy, off the shoulder top and a pair of kick ass leather boots with metal accents. Then she’s in an awesome black blazer, that, of course, I’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to find in my price range. Until now, right?

Wrong. A big fat wrong.

When I actually clicked through to the clothes, I had to double check I wasn’t somehow redirected to the Chico’s website. The shirts are all shapeless and boring. The one’s that do have a pattern look like something my grandmother would wear. There are two cardigans that are decent (because how can you really go wrong with a cardigan?), but I can get one of those at Forever 21 for 15 bucks so why would I pay $30 at Kohl’s?

And I don’t understand the dresses at all; one of them looks like the garment was attacked by a flock of geese.

Sure, LC is wearing one of the better looking tops (which isn’t saying much) in the opening video, but its covered by a blazer that isn’t part of the collection, probably a high-end designer that no one who is shopping at Kohl’s can afford, and the same goes for those amazing boots.

I really don’t know who LC is designing for, but it sure as hell isn’t the people who love her (aka anyone under 45) and actually like to look like they have a body under our clothes. Perhaps she should pitch her line to Talbot’s? To be honest, it should just be taken off shelves altogether; it’s a crime against fashion and a huge insult to people shopping on a budget.

Overall, the line left me severely disillusioned with Conrad’s future as a designer. If you can’t create fashionable clothes for the masses perhaps you should return to fashion school and actually pay attention this time instead of putting all your energy into giving Stephanie Pratt the stink eye from across the room.

Wardrobe Wish List: Free People Seracina Tiger Lace Dress
Wardrobe Wish List: Free People Seracina Tiger Lace Dress
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