College: There’s a First Time for Everything

Freshman year of college, from what I’ve learned so far, is a series of firsts. Some of them are great – first 11:00 a.m. class (yay sleep!), first weekend away at school – while others simply aren’t – like your first midterm exam. But regardless of whether or not these firsts are awesome in themselves, just experiencing them is exhilarating. At what other time in your life can you call Mom and prattle on excitedly about your first time studying at the library until its 2 a.m. closing time?

Oh, wait, that just might be me.

So, my college firsts? Some of them I remember vividly, and others, not so much (but not for that reason – really, Mom, I swear!). Maybe a trip down my four-week-old college memory lane will help joggle my sleep-deprived brain.

First meal

I don’t remember what or with whom I ate, but I do recall being totally daunted by the dining hall. My school’s main dining hall has fifty billion different lines criss-crossing all over the room; while I understand the system now, on the first day, I was clueless. I’m sure wasn’t the only one stricken with trepidation, but who would openly admit feeling totally lost to a bunch of unfamiliar people? Well, now I admit it. I was paralyzed with fear by a freaking dining hall. Laugh if you must.

First reading assignment

The first assignment I read was a “short story” (i.e. a rather long piece masquerading as a short story) for my English class. Heeding my professor’s advice, I annotated the sh*t out of it, but when I was through I had absolutely no idea what I had read. A second read revealed to me that it had been some bizarre satirical story, but for a good half-hour, I was reconsidering whether or not I was ready for college.

First weekend

Improv, Apples to Apples until 2 a.m., movies, and snack food. Lots of snack food. Not a bad way to spend your precious time off.

First paper

I’m going to preface this by stating an odd fact about me: I love to write papers. I don’t know why, but there’s nothing like constructing a badass argument and refuting the crap out of the opposition. So when I wrote my first college paper on the symbolism of a particular character in Jane Eyre, I had the time. of. my. life. And I got a good grade! Since college courses consist mostly of writing papers, I guess I’m good to go for the next four years.

First moment of pure nerdery

See above.

First all-nighter

I feel asleep around 3:30 a.m. Yeah, I’m a lightweight. But I succeeded on the second try! Not that I’m proud of it or anything…

First late-night snack impulse

I had a bag of Pirate Booty, Goldfish, half a box of Mallowmars, and a string cheese. I actually do this all the time at home, but it’s a lot more acceptable when it occurs in college.

First exam

…is today, actually. Film history. Wish me luck!

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