Makeup 101: Plum Crazy

One of my favorite things about fall is not the return of pumpkin everything, but the chance to start fresh with my look: new clothes, new boots and a complete overhaul on my makeup drawer. I love how it feels to have a completely fresh wardrobe and to be excited about getting dressed every day. I love the challenge of incorporating new trends into my look. And I just love any excuse to play with my makeup for a few hours.

One of the trends I’m most excited for this fall is the return of the bright, bold, purple eye. I know it sounds scary and overwhelming, but you you can wear violet hues without looking like Barney. Just look at all the models doin’ their thang during Fashion Week!

Like with all bold makeup, the key to pulling off this look is to keep the rest of your face simple so the purple on your eyes will really pop.  Try out some of the products and techniques below and I promise to get you looking like a chic starlet walking the red carpet… not like a big, scary Purple People Eater.

Bare Escentuals Liners: Waterproof and smudge-proof liners in Sugar Plum (metallic lilac) or Now (plum wine).   Use a neutral eye shadow as a base then line your top and bottom lash line with a fine tipped brush, blending at the corners.  To create a thick dramatic line, add water or liner sealent to the liner, but a soft dry powder works just fine.  You can create a smokey purple eye with the liners by using them more as a shadow. Sweep the purple close to the center of the lid and then going over the center with a light shadow.

For another liner option try Clinique Cream Liner in Starry Plum.

Pop Beauty “Brown Eyes” Shadow Set: Find this on my new favorite site for only $8.99! These light shimmery shadows can be blended together to create different shades of perfect purple.  Because these shadows are light you can use a thicker liner and more dramatic mascara to glam it up.

Vincent Longo- Trio Eye shadows in “Chariot Wings” or “Purple Sky”: This eye shadow trio lays it out so easy for you that there really isn’t an opportunity to mess up.  The shade with the moon imprint is to be used as an accent through crease in your lid, the sun implant is applied on the lid up to the brow and the star imprint is used as a liner on the top and/or bottom lash line. For a bolder shadow option try Sephora’s Colorful Mono Eye Shadow in Fairy Princess, but stick to a simple face, and don’t try this color during the day.

Purple nail color is also in for the fall so try Lancome nail polish in Blind Date, for only $8 here.

Enjoy going plum crazy!

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