Sexy Time: Back Door Booty

I’ve always been very hesitant to try anal sex. After all, that’s where poop comes out! And I always heard that it hurt like hell. So, while I knew I would try it at some point (I believe in trying everything at least once) I had no problem putting it off. I decided to wait until I was with someone I knew would love me even if I pulled a Zack-and-Miri and pooped all over them.

Well, I found him. And I tried it.

Any guide to anal sex (like this one) tells you to start small (i.e. with a finger) and be generous with the lubrication. So we did, and it didn’t hurt like I expected, but it was a really strange feeling, kind of like the feeling you get when you have to go to the bathroom but can’t find a toilet (not that girls poop, of coarse!).  Since the finger didn’t hurt, we decided to move on to the real thing. The real thing, however, did hurt (like HELL), and we barely got anywhere before I called an end to it.

The experience confirmed what I’ve always suspected: anal sex is something boys enjoy much more than girls. I can’t speak for all girls (one of my best friends claims she can orgasm from it), but I just don’t see how it would be pleasurable. Not that I’m swearing off anal forever, but I definitely think I need a lot more prep-time (both physically and mentally) before attempting to go all the way again. I’m sure some day it’s something I’ll be able to tolerate, but can’t expect to ever enjoy it, at least not the way I enjoy sex. I would enjoy the fact that I’m making the man I love happy, but I highly doubt there will ever be an orgasm in it for me.

This doesn’t mean I would ever discourage anyone from trying it. After all, how do you know if you like something before you try it for yourself? Everyone has different preferences, and some women may really enjoy anal, at least this article on claims they do. They say: Women love anal sex because it can feel absolutely incredible. It’s different in sensation and it doesn’t feel like anything else she may have felt before — it’s deep inside, it’s not her clitoris and is not in her vagina, but feels strangely like both in a sort of mixed-up combination in another part of her body.

Now, I’m not fully convinced the guys at AskMen aren’t pushing an agenda of their own (“Come on honey, this article says you’ll love it!”), but hey, if there is a possibility anal sex could feel like they’re describing, maybe it is worth pushing past the initial discomfort to find out.

Even you don’t orgasm from it, I’m sure it’ll make your partner happy. Guys’ obsession with anal seems to keep growing. It provides a different, tighter sensation and has the lure of a forbidden fruit – how can you expect them not to want to try it? So, as long as it’s not painful for you, why not give it a go once or twice for your man’s sake? Maybe you’ll get something special in return…

Have you ever had anal sex? What was your experience like?

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