Tested and Approved: The Ultimate Shaving Kit

We get a lot of samples sent our way at the CollegeCandy office. In fact, as I write this, I’m looking at a table full of things that people have sent over. Like lube. And body wash. And a Halloween costume that has a penis in which you can store your beers.

Well, that one I requested.

Anyways, while we get all this stuff dropped off daily, it is truly rare that I find something new and awesome and totally worth writing about. Because I’m not gonna write about just anything the mailman drops on my desk while I’m out for my mid-morning brownie run. But I recently received a package that intrigued me and has since changed my life. And I not exaggerating.

I have a bikini line problem. It doesn’t matter if I maintain it myself or leave it to the waxing professionals, I get terrible in-grown hairs. I’ve used old razors, new razors, hard wax, soft wax, blue wax…you name it, I’ve tried it. And I’ve ended up with big, ugly bumps. Not really the look you’re going for when you spend $50 to beautify your nether regions.

I’m desperate to fix this and will give just about anything a try (well, anything that doesn’t cost $1,200 and use red, hot lasers on my va jay). So when I recieved a package from Hair Care Down There, I stuck that sucker in my messenger bag and took it home. Yeah, so it was only 2pm.  I just had to try it.

The Ultimate Shaving Kit came with everything I’d need to take matters into my own hands:
– A new, super sharp razor with refills
– Safety scissors for trimming without fear of lobbing off some important parts
– A mirror for getting at all those hidden places
– Clear shaving gel that protects your skin while you shave, but also lets you see through to what you’re doing
– A soothing spray and a smoothing cream to make everything feel better after the fact

And maybe a few things I didn’t need quite as much:
– A heart-shaped stencil for a more romantic look
– Bikini bindis, in case I felt the need to bling out my bush

Anyways, I set up shop in my bathroom and went to town. I had to see for myself if this shaving gel was as good as the promotional materials boasted. And it was. As was the awesome razor it came with. But the best part of the entire kit was the Skin Fix spray you use after shaving. It soothes and almost numbs the area so you don’t itch or burn. And it prevents ingrown hairs! Seriously, it’s been 2 weeks and for the first time in my life I don’t have any!

Now, I didn’t use the stencil or the bling included in the kit, but I was intrigued. There is an entire book explaining how to do everything and do it right, so there may be a little heart (or perfect landing strip) in my bikini line future.

The kit isn’t cheap – it’s a hefty $65 – but it’s totally worth it when you think about how much you spend (and how much pain you endure) getting those monthly bikini waxes. And you don’t even need to buy the whole thing. If you don’t need the extras like the razor or the bindis, you can just buy the shaving gel, cream and spray by themselves.

The Hair Care Down There products are truly amazing. After years of painful ingrown hairs (and one guy who freaked out thinking I had herpes….) I am forever indebted to the women who solved my biggest and most embarrassing issue.

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