The Know: New Heart, New Snack

You know that really annoying friend of yours who feels the incessant need to point out that they were the first to know about a now really popular band? Every. single. time. it comes on the radio?

As annoying as they are, there is something exciting about the knowing of a new band, new clothing brand, great sale, awesome book or recipe, and sharing it with the ones you love. And by ones you love, I mean the ones you go back and forth with right here on the CollegeCandy message boards.

So here’s the deal: every week, we will feature things that YOU think other CollegeCandy readers just have to know about. Anything at all. Nothing is off limits. You share it with me and I’ll pass along the goodness.

Old Soul, New Heart
If there is one great way to make that old black frock new again it’s with accessories. And if there is one new amazing accessories website to do just that with it’s Old Soul New Heart. This mother/daughter duo has made a brand new spot in my big ol heart. I’m obsessed. Obsessed as in, I’d buy the whole line. Obsessed as in, if Old Soul New Heart were a boy, I would be standing outside his window right now proclaiming my love for all things feathered and sequins. (And I wonder why I’m single.) And if the sheer cuteness of the product wasn’t reason enough to go stalker crazy on this line, it’s price point will having you make room in your heart and your closet, as well.

Kind Bars
We all know that 4pm “time for a snack” feeling. You’re back from lecture and nothing good is on TV so you are stuck watching Pimp My Ride because, in the moment, that seems far more appealing then reading for class. And eating seems like a far better activity than going to the gym. Well, the least you can do is eat something healthy while you rot your brain with MTV mid-day programming. Like the Kind Bar. It is not only good, but – wait for it – good for you! (Now there’s a line I bet you’ve never heard.) Kind Bars are all natural, gluten free and these bad boys hit the spot with their perfect mixture of salty/sweet/crunchy goodness. And now you can find them at most Starbucks locations. With an average of 190 calories a pop you can bet that they will be kinder (ha!) to your waistline than that pumpkin loaf staring you in the face.

Got something awesome everyone needs to know about? Email your “The Know” ideas to [email protected] and I’ll pass them along to everyone right here, right now. Well, not right now, but soon. Like, every Thursday.

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