Facebook Pranks Are Funny, Aren’t They?

Ha! I got you, bitch!

Poor Mike! He should have known better than to leave his Facebook profile open on someone else’s computer. Usually, I’m pretty unimpressed with jokes that hinge on dudes acting like there’s something inherently hilarious about homosexuality—unless they’re Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd—but this prank is pretty genius. (Side note: How on earth are there that many groups about loving cock??)

Changing around someone’s Facebook profile is the ultimate prank. We all spend way too much time worrying about presenting ourselves in the best light possible on Facebook: listing the right favorite movies and music, displaying a flattering profile pic, writing something funny and pithy in our “About Me” sections. When someone messes with your profile, then, they’re poking fun at your image-consciousness in an extremely public way—and they’re also making sure that an audience of hundreds can immediately see that you just got played.

So, since witnessing a Facebook prank at its finest, I’ve been thinking about other ways to subtly mess with my friends’ Facebook profiles, given the chance. And considering they stored their passwords and leave their bedroom doors unlocked, that chance is most definitely given.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

–       Change her language setting to Icelandic.
–       Re-tag all of the heinous pictures from last week that she immediately un-tagged the second they were posted.
–       Better yet, make one of them her new profile picture.
–       Change her listed AIM screenname to whatever embarrassing SN she had in middle school: MrsJTT, anyone?
–       Reply affirmatively to every single request that’s accumulated on her page since she last denied all of them. That weird kid from down the hall wants to challenge her to a ZombieNinjaPirate duel? It’s on.
–       Change her major to “Arts and Crafts,” or maybe “Gym.”
–       Become a fan of Heidi Montag and express her love in her status message.
–       Have her “like” every depressing, melodramatic status message on her newsfeed.
–       Change her relationship status from “In a Relationship” to “Single.”
–       Create an event for her “First Annual Swingers” party and invite all of her friends. Including her parents.
–       If her parents aren’t already her friends, submit the request. Then invite them to said party above.
–       If she’s a hipster, change her favorite music to the Dave Matthews Band and her favorite books to Twilight and “anything by Dan Brown.” Oh, and I can’t forget to make her quotation lyrics from a Toby Keith song.

Got any other ideas?
Re-thinking leaving that password saved?

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