Single. And Re-thinking My Game Plan

There's more to us than what's popping out of our dresses, you know.

I just got back from the happiest place on earth. And no, I’m not talking about Disneyland. Although Vegas is a lot LIKE Disneyland, but instead of candy you have booze and instead of rides you have prostitutes. Which I guess can be considered rides…. If I had spent more than three days there, my entire body and life would have started decaying as quickly as my morals did (just kidding guys, no secret marriages here!).

But beyond all the slot machines, free booze and horny people everywhere, Las Vegas is like single life grown in a petri dish; it’s bigger and more rampant, and it lets you observe some things. A lot of the weekend involved putting on our hottest outfits, going to the hottest places, and (hopefully) flirting with the hottest guys.  But somewhere in between flirting with the bouncer to get to the head of the line (which probably only works for Lindsay Lohan) and making eyes at the cute guy across the dance floor, it hit me: the giant singles meat market that is Las Vegas is not too far off from the giant singles meat market that is my life in Chicago.

Is the reason it’s so hard to get a date because things have just gotten too gosh darn shallow? Most of the single girls I know are pretty freaking cute, and everyone with eyes seems to wonder why they’re not taken. Well, maybe it’s because there are freaking cute girls everywhere, and they are in mass quantities at all your favorite clubs. And to all the freaking cute guys doing laps around said clubs, we ladies all look exactly the same: tight jeans, tall shoes, low tops…

And that seems to be all anyone really cares about.

I’m not opposed to getting to know people when I go out on the town at all, but to be honest, it doesn’t feel like there’s too much “getting to know” in the equation at all. A lot of it is putting on killer heels and busting out your boobs the best dance moves.

So what does that tell any potential date I meet? Sure as hell not that my favorite book is East of Eden or that I’m going to volunteer in Ecuador this summer. All it tells them is that I really, really like the song Poker Face (which is important to know if you plan on spending the rest of your life with me, obvi).

Now, I’m not hating on meeting guys at bars and clubs. I’m just saying, if you really expect something out of it, it couldn’t hurt to shake up how you go about it. Instead of luring someone onto the dance floor where he will grind his junk against your butt and it’s guaranteed the DJ will drown you out if you even pretend to care what the other is saying,  why not hang closer to the bar where you’re able to have a real conversation? And maybe instead of going for the Chuck Bass look alike, go for the guy with the quirkiest pick up line (actually, I wouldn’t hold it against you if you just went for the Chuck Bass look alike…).

You can still dress sexy and dance sexy… just make sure the guy who’s trying to get your number knows you’ve got a personality under those clip-on extensions. You’re at least guaranteed a more exciting first date. Or a first date at all.

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