Looking for an Internship? These Sites Will Help!

The never-ending search for ways to better your chances of finding a job post graduation does not stop once you are back in the classroom for the year. There is a lot of competition out there (just look at all those kids in your classes!), so getting some internships under your belt is important. And now, yes now, is the time to start looking for internships for the spring semester and even the summer.

The importance of internships cannot be overlooked. Not only are they resume boosters, but good ones also provide you with excellent experience in the field of your choice. That way when you show up to your first day of work, you aren’t lost in a sea of papers and Excel spreadsheets.

But where can you find these coveted positions? Every student and their over-zealous mother is searching sites such as Monster.com and fighting over the internships available there. But here are some other sites that not only offer amazing internship opportunities (that are actually useful and not just a place to surf Facebook all summer), but also other services and advice for the budding, young intern.

InternCircle.com is a social networking site for interns and employers. When you join InternCircle you fill out a profile that tells potential employers where you received your education, what positions you have already held and what position you are currently looking for. You can post your resume and be found by employers, or go searching through the database yourself. The advantage of this is that the community is smaller and hands on, so everyone on there is actively seeking quality interns.

Not only can you directly connect with employers and companies, but InternCircle also lists social venues and events, house listings and news and advice from InternCircle and other industry experts. It also offers a form of mutual selection between the internship-seeker and the employers that guarantees a worthwhile internship experience.

Another helpful website is InternQueen.com. The Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, has her own website which offers personal intern coaching, advice and special offers for interns. Berger offers resume and cover letter makeovers as well as a 15-minute consultation to answer any questions you may have. InternQueen.com offers really awesome internship listings (seriously, these are internships people would kill for) on Quarterlife.com, which is another social networking site for students and employers.

A third site that is a valuable networking tool is LinkedIn.com. By joining LinkedIn and creating a professional profile, students and intern-seekers open up the avenue to be found by recruiters in their desired industry. Not only that, but you can form connections with previous employers and co-workers that work as a reference and/or good connection for all future jobs.

Just when you thought you were going to be stuck getting coffee and organizing files alphabetically for yet another semester, or, worse, finding no internship at all, these websites came to save the day. And your future. If you’re looking for an internship (and you should be, people!), these are definitely the places to go. You may not find an internship as awesome as mine (right here at CollegeCandy.com), but I’m sure there are other great ones out there.

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