The Weekly Ten: Mashup Mixtape

Normally for the Weekly 10, I find myself counting down things that piss me off. You know, like phrases that suck and uninspired Halloween costumes. So I’ve decided to give you a mix tape for putting up with me airing my grievances Letterman-style.

However, this mixtape is extra mixy. I present to you: my top ten favorite mashups. Wikipedia defines a mashup as, “a song or composition created by blending two or more songs, usually by overlaying the vocal track of one song seamlessly over the music track of another.”¬† Basically smushing two songs together to make an even cooler one.

Yeah, I was inspired by last week’s episode of Glee; how could you not be? That show is so. damn. good.

Let me know if I missed any other greatness.

10. “Womanizer” Britney Spears & Lily Allen
Even if she “retired from music,” I still¬† heart Lily Allen and Britney will always have a special place in my heart. Mixing a little Lily with a lot of Womanizer lyrics? Spice Girls have nothing on fierce duo.

9. “Bittersweet Dirt Off Your Shoulder” Jay-Z & The Verve
Cruel Intentions finale song plus my fave, Jay? I’ll take it.

8. “Live Your Life, Punk” T.I., Rihanna & Vampire Weekend (Mixed by Party Ben)
Vampire Weekend and T.I.? Please tour together. I’d go. And I’d be very, very happy.

7.“Love LockDown Day N’ Nite” Kanye West & Kid Cudi
For the conflicted scenester/rapper in all of us.

6. “Halo and Walking on Sunshine” Performed by the cast of Glee.
The very song that inspired me to spend 6 hours searching for other mashups online and create this splendid list.

5. “Every Car You Chase” The Police & Snow Patrol (Mixed by Party Ben)
Unexpectedly amazing.

4. “Hotel Room Game” Lady Gaga & Pitbull
Yes, Lady Gaga is a crazy biatch. We love her anyway. We also love Pitbull. And he loves us back. Two super catchy pop songs, one even catchier mash-up.

3. Anything off the Grey album
Black Album (Jay-Z) + White Album (The Beatles) = Incredible. I guess that’s what happens when you put two music legends together. I love the song, “What More Can I Say” with “As My Guitar Gently Weeps,” but the whole album is simply amazing. Gotta love Dangermouse.

2. Girl Talk
Every song rules, can’t pick just one; Gregg Gillis is all kinds of brilliant.

1 and a half. “Stand Up and Ring My Doorbell” White Stripes and Ludacris (Mashed by DJ Riko)
Because I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten, especially when Ludacris is involved. Sick beat.

1. “Can I Get Get Low” Lil’ Jon and Junior Senior
Okay, so I may be a little biased because “Get Low” might be my song if I were to do a wedding “Forever” style. Kidding. Sorta. But seriously, blend this throwback Lil Jon with the bouncy Junior Senior and you get perfection. Not to mention it makes Lil Jon slightly more tolerable for people who don’t understand his artistic genius.

Note to the Guys: Bring the Sexy This Halloween!
Note to the Guys: Bring the Sexy This Halloween!
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